Weekend Lineup
Polka On! Houston, Moulton, & Walburg

Pick your polka place. SPJST Lodge 88 in Houston has the Red Ravens for a Sunday polka afternoon. Moulton has its annual Jamboree on Sunday with parade (look for PoLK of A float!) and music by Czechaholics and Lost Kolaches. Check out Dale's Essenhaus in Walburg Friday night where Edward Kopecky Fun Time Czech Band will be playing. 

Also this weekend - Friday: Joe Valentino Sock Hop at Lodge 88...17th Annual Harris County Precinct 4 Opry in Humble...Chris Rybak at King's Biergarten in Pearland. Saturday: Glen Collins & The Alibis in Austin...Pettit Brothers in Flatonia...Jeff Woolsey in Navasota...Bohemian Dutchmen in New Braunfels...Rocky King at Martinez Hall. Sunday: East River at VFW in Houston...Charles & Fab 4 at Martinez Hall.

Y'all stay cool & Polka On!


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Photo Gallery brought to you by 
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Charles/Fab 4 in New Taiton
Click on photo to see images by John Roberts

Billy Mata in Cameron
Click on photo to see images by Gary E. McKee

Martinez Hall Anniversary
Click on photo to see images by Joe Cool Pavlicek and Gary E. McKee
Off the Grid in Pearland
Click on photo to see images by Gary E. McKee
Polka Trending

Watch the videos by George Weber of the Louisiana Folk Festival, along with Mark Halata & Texavia and The Moravians at the Moravian Parish Picnic

Watch the videos  by Walt Harfmann of great button box music on his European tour


Louisiana Folk Festival
Click on photo to see images by George Weber.

A  Boeing 777 wide-body jetliner was lumbering along at 800km/hour at 33000 feet when a cocky F-17 fighter jet flashed by at Mach 2.
The F-17 pilot decided to show off. On his state-of-the art radio that is part of his state-of-the-art 3D & million dollar headset, the F-17 youngster told the 777 pilot, "Hey Captain, watch this!"

He promptly went into a barrel roll, followed by a steep, unimaginable, vertical climb. He then finished with a sonic boom as he broke the sound barrier, as the F-17 screamed down at impossible G's before leveling at almost sea level.

The F-17 pilot asked the 777 pilot what he thought of that?

The 777 pilot said, "That was truly impressive, but watch this!"
The 777 chugged along for about 5 minutes at the steady 800km/hour, and then the 777 pilot came back on and said, "What did you think of that?"
Puzzled, the cocky F-17 pilot asked, "What the heck did you do?"
The 777 pilot chuckled and said, "I stood up, stretched my legs, walked  to the back, used the toilet, then got a cup of coffee and a cinnamon roll, and secured a date for the next 3 nights in a five-star hotel paid for by the company."
When you are young and foolish, speed and flash may seem like a good thing!
When you get older and smarter, comfort and dullness is not such a bad thing!
It's called S.O.S.
Slower, Older and Smarter!

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