July 27-August 3, 2019
School Supplies!
I t's THAT TIME of year! The missions team has requested the following supplies for Williams Elementary. Bring your donation by August 11 to the Commons fireplace and place in the collection tubs.

Clorox Wipes - Hand Sanitizer - Tissues - Dry Erase Markers - Zip Lock Bags (sandwich, quart or gallon) - Keurig coffee pods (for teachers at Wester)
Lost and Found
Check the table in the Commons hallway for misplaced items. We have hats, jackets, cups and BIBLES - Oh My!
Pray For Me is an intergenerational prayer campaign that will launch on August 25. Currently, we are recruiting prayer champions who would be willing to pray for a specific family or young person during the upcoming school year. Weekly prayer guides will be available to guide you in rallying around the next generation. Register to become a prayer champion by clicking the campaign picture, by visiting our website , or look for Katie at the LAUNCH Center between services!

Prayer Champions: Sign up by July 31! Food Trucks and Families! August 25
Thank you from Community Heights - Your generosity helped us raise $1,200 for our campers. We are so grateful!
Here are opportunities to strengthen your faith and connect with the community.
Sr. Adult Sonshiner Choir - Tues. July 30 - 1:30 pm to Lubbock Hospitality.
Women Who Pray - Thurs. Aug 1 @ 6:00 pm in the FLC

Student Ministry Summer Breakthru - Tues. July 30- Day trip to OCC. No meeting on Wednesday. Check the student ministry web pag e f or details. Subscribe to the Student Remind by texting @baconbi to 81010 and stay up to date with all the latest information!

Say YES to the next Generation! - check out the display in the Commons requesting children's and student ministry volunteers. How will you choose to say "YES"?

Church Council meeting: July 28th @ 4 pm
Quarterly Business meeting: July 28th @ 5 pm
Deacons Meeting: Sun. Aug 11 @ 5 pm
Happy Birthday
Bob Folkner   28
Hunter Sutterfield   28
Mira Allred   29
Dormye Halbrooks   29
Crystal Harvey   29
Samuel Rodriguez   29
Rosalinda Talbot   29
Gayla Dizmang   29
Dee Ann Lafave   30
Taylor Leach   31
Mandy Meiers   31
Spike Wideman   31
Nathan Broyles   1
Barry Gordon   1
Shanna St Clair   1
Roger Corpus   2
Sherry Folkner   2
Lanae Juno   2
Beverly Eubank   3
Barbara Pitman   3
Jaxon Savage   3
Sandy Smith   3
Financial Information
Weekly Req. $34,243
Anticipated YTD Rec. $547,882
Actual YTD Rec. $438,665
Actual YTD Exp. $488,718
Building Rec YTD $988,351
Building Offering MTD: $12,785
we pay the building interest first, and additional dollars go to principal reduction every month!

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