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"Teddy Talk"

Countdown to Lord's Acre
72 Days!
Have you got plans to donate items for the Lord’s Acre Live and Silent Auctions but don’t have a place to store them? Well you’re in luck! The church will be accepting items each and every Sunday morning as well as Mondays from 10-12. Just bring your item to us and we will store them for you. Deliver them to room A5 in Building A. If you have any questions, contact Barbara Beckham (BJBeckham63@gmail.com) or Wendy Hamilton (wendywindham@sbcglobal.net). We can’t wait to see all the fabulous items!
A Letter from a founding member of Martin

Bob Getz
Arlington, Texas
To the Members of William C Martin UMC, 
A week or so ago, I was driving along not really knowing where I was. As I turned the corner, your church sign came into view. You have no idea as to the rush of emotion I felt. It was a tsunami of wonderful feelings of warmth, family, belonging, being close to God, dedication and so much more. My and my family’s life and world was your church. 
I am eighty now but at the ripe old age of about twenty-three, I had a house built on Koen Lane in Euless. My wife Lou and I and our two young children moved into that home. To start with, there were not many places to eat out, and it was like a national holiday when McDonald’s opened. 
I don’t really remember who invited us to your church but I do remember Reverend John Lukert as my first pastor. I had once wanted to be a pastor so John and I became friends and our families shared many good times together. John and I worked to build the congregation and began looking to build a permanent structure. 
John moved on and the Reverend Richard Penna took the helm. I became closer to him than any other person in my life except family. Richard was like a brother to me. 
Richard and I made many visits to the local community inviting people to visit our church just one time. Many of the people did and they kept coming back. We were a good team as our personalities had just a touch of humor. 
I was elected Lay Leader twice during our time there and taught the adult Sunday school class or they taught me. My wife and I led by example. We were at nearly every opportunity offered and our family prospered as in Christian life. 
One of the proudest moments in my life was a day when Reverend Penna had to be absent. As lay Leader I was given the opportunity to lead the service. Reverend Penna had suggested that I have both of my two boys do a mini sermon. That had to be one of the proudest days of my life. 
I could go on and on but I just wanted to share the emotion felt as memories came flooding back. What an awesome experience William C Martin was for us. It helped us to build an even stronger religious experience for our family, new friends and the Euless-Bedford community.
 As I walked the quiet and empty halls of the church that day, I felt proud, happy and humbled. I could see that the small flame that we had started, became a large and warming fire.
 God greatly blessed me and my family while we were there. I know that He will continue to bless your congregation as you reach out to your community and beyond. It is my wish that all of you experience what I and my family did.
God Bless, 
Bob Getz
A Thank you from Luis for all the love the Martin Family showed he and his wife following the fire at their home:

I want to thank God above all for giving us another day.
My wife and I want to thank everyone in the congregation who has given us a little of the blessings God has given them.
Our hearts are so grateful for everyone that has showed us kindness in this difficult time our family is going through.
May God bless everyone.
Eternally grateful 🙏.
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