The Mission of the Chaplaincy for the Homeless is to provide hope and encouragement for the homeless. Since 1988, the chaplaincy has accomplished this by offering Christian Ministry of Presence, Advocacy, Service, Word and Sacrament to those experiencing homelessness in Maricopa County. The chaplaincy actively provides daily Bible studies, regular Sunday chapel studies and individual faith-based counseling for the homeless. At the Human Services Campus clients experiencing homelessness can come for rest, relaxation, spiritual replenishment and enjoy some spiritual entertainment and Bible cinema. 

New Executive Chaplain Darwin Campbell has a clear mission: Service to all by making it clear like Jesus that those weary and burdened can come to find and understand God's promise of rest, peace and restoration of joy. (Matthew 11:28). The scope of the Chaplaincy's missions of bringing hope and encouragement involves helping clients find appropriate direction when pursuing next step recovery options, veteran assistance, employment, counseling, or discipleship.

Important to the Chaplaincy’s mission is helping the homeless connect to the services and resources needed to help them to cope, stabilize their life or find options to handle any life crisis. Other vital support services available include helping with some family reunification, employment and/or apartment search assistance or placement in shelters and programs. The Chaplaincy for the Homeless plays a vital role in helping Christian communities understand homelessness and helps unite groups together in a cooperative effort to do what it takes to end homelessness and restore hope to broken lives.

For more information contact Chaplaincy for the Homeless at 602-417-9853.