Camp Update:
As we move into August, we want to say thank you for everyone's willingness to adapt to the "new normal" as we work hard to keep the camp open and create a safe environment for our staff, leaseholders and guests.

So many of you have volunteered your time. Whether it is at the gate, at the merch store, painting or general help. We truly appreciate all your help!

This month we have decided to offer an extra week of Day Camp August 24-28 as well as some activities on the August long weekend. Keep watching for an announcement regarding Holy Spirit Weekend in the next week or so.

Please remember that although the camp may be quieter, there are still lots of children on the campgrounds. The camp speed limit has been moved from 15km to 10/km. We need everyone to slow down and be mindful of children, bikes, and golf carts.

PLEASE REMEMBER that If you are renting OR lending your cottage or trailer this summer you MUST inform the office. There is a form below.

Looking forward to seeing you a camp!


Join us Saturday, August 1st for a funnel cake at the tuck shop from 7pm-9pm and an outdoor movie at dusk at the ball diamond!

  Pool passes are here and ready for pick up at the pool or office.

Hopefully, we can answer some of your questions below.

Do I need my pool pass to get into the pool?
  • Yes, the goal is that everyone using the pool will have a pool pass for their group.

Who may use my pool pass?
  • Every leaseholder will receive one pool pass for each Braeside address.
  • This is valid for the leaseholder and the leaseholder's immediate family. (including adult children and grandchildren)
  • If you rent or lend your cottage or trailer during the 2020 season, your guests may use your pool pass, however we will need the name and contact info. for any overnight guests using your cottage/trailer(please contact the office for more info on renting or lending your accommodations)
  • If you are bringing guests to swim with you for the day, they may swim at a cost of $2.50 per person over the age of 6. This can be paid at the pool directly or at the office.

Do I still need to book a swim time if I have a pool pass?
  • Yes, while we have a limited capacity in the pool you will still need to register online to guarantee a swim time.
  • Right now, we are only using the reservation system on weekends as needed. Watch your app for times and messages.

What happens if I lose my pool pass?
  • pool passes may be replaced at a cost of $10 each
  • You can purchase a Braeside lanyard or coil key chain in the merch shop to keep your pool pass in easy reach.

Will I need a pool pass next year?
  • Yes, as we move forward, you will need a pool pass to enter the Braeside pool.

Day Camp is going so well we decided to offer a third week in August. Space is limited, so sign up today! If you have any questions, contact Andrea or call the office.

Make sure that you have the Braeside App! That way you won't miss what is happening this month. Tuck Shop & Pool hours, Activities, and much more!
Download from your app store!
As leaseholders you may have guests , but guests need to register, and be limited to allowable social gathering numbers .

Overnight guests will need a visitor parking pass for the duration of their stay.

If you desire to rent OR lend your cottage or trailer, you will need to fill out the form attached.

If you are looking for a map of the 3km or 5km prayer walk, you can pick them up at the office.
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