Thoughts on the Week

Last week I was unable to attend the market as I was getting ready to leave town to visit my oldest daughter. My husband came home telling me who he bumped into, who asked after me and tidbits from the day. I love working at the green committee tent in the center of the market and hearing the remarks from out-of-towner or first time attendees. They almost always tell me they can’t believe the size of the market and I am pretty sure they are amazed at the attendance. The one thing they can never get over is the free bag from our sponsor IU Health North Hospital. What I do know is volunteering at the market provides such a wonderful sense of community and civic pride in what we have. If you have ever wondered about volunteering please stop any of the volunteers in the green shirts, come by the green committee tent or go on the website to sign up to sign up. You won’t regret it!

Just a note that this coming weekend is the Carmel Jazz Fest. Musical events will be taking place in both the Tarkington and Studio Theatre stages starting as the market closes. As it is the first time Carmel is hosting this event we don’t know how it will impact parking but there is a possibility Tarkington Parking Garage may be busier than usual. 

Finally, I do have to leave you with a brag. Earlier this season one of our sponsors was offering free trees and flower seeds. My husband was diligent and planted the twig that was supposed to be a tree and all of the seeds. Please see the happy results! My back patio has never been more colorful than this year and now I have to figure out where to plant this tree!

Hope to see you Saturday!

Zinnia and Sunflowers

The lanky green twig will eventually be a giant Spruce that loves sun and water


Week 15 August 12, 2023

Saturdays 8:00 AM to 11:30 AM

Edited and Produced by Randi Roger

Celebrating Our 25th Season

Monthly Gift Basket Giveaway

Congratulations to Hannah Miller for winning the Carmel Farmers Market 25th Anniversary Basket for July! Filled with our vendors' goodies, CFM is giving away a basket a month throughout the summer market. Just stop by the Committee Tent each Saturday morning to register for your chance to be the next lucky winner!

Back to School Made Sweeter

We are celebrating the start of the new school year at Carmel Farmers Market! Kids can stop by the green committee tent on Saturday starting at 9am to pick up a delicious cookie from one of our sweet vendors for their lunch or to give to their teacher! Limited quantity so come by early!

Rain on Main August 11-19th Concluding at the Carmel Farmers Market

The ninth annual Rain on Main event, a popular painted rain barrel contest and auction kicks off Friday, August 11, with a display of 20 decorated barrels in the Carmel Arts & Design district. This event is presented by Carmel Utilities, Carmel Department of Storm Water Management and the Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District.

The barrels will remain along Main Street through the following week until they are relocated to the Carmel Farmers Market on Saturday August 19th to conclude the “People’s Choice Voting for their favorite rain barrel. Voting ends at 10 a.m. and the online auction continues during the Market hours until 11 a.m. The “People’s Choice” award winner will be announced live at the market at 10:45 a.m., just before the online auction concludes.

Net proceeds from the auction support water education in Carmel Clay Parks, including signage, some of which has been installed at Founders Park (located at 116th Street and Hazel Dell Parkway) using funding generated by Rain on Main. Additionally, Carmel residents who install a rain barrel are eligible to apply for a $50 rebate per barrel from the City’s Storm Water Utility. More information about Rain on Main and the rain barrel rebate can be found at

Vendor News

Nading Farms

Space 42

Heirloom tomatoes are back in season and juicier than ever! The sweet orange Wellington, classic Mr. Stripey, and savory Red Deuce varieties pictured here are packed with flavor. Stop by and pick some up. They are perfect on their own, atop a salad or in a sandwich. Nading will also have frozen bacon and baby back ribs on sale this week for $5/lb! Perfect for throwing on the grill, along with their Indiana sweet corn, which will be available again in bi-color and white varieties! Don’t forget you can now add corn to your egg scrambles, cooked fresh at the market every Saturday morning!

Tulip Tree

Space 28

The long-aged reserve Nightshade is back for a limited time! This has been aging for over a year, which means it is extra rich with notes of caramel. It has crystalized more than their standard Nightshade, and it is a must try! This batch will likely only last one to two weeks before it sells out, so grab your piece now while supplies last!

Pig's Tale Charcuterie

Space 30

Pigs Tale Charcuterie invites you to stop by this weekend to sample & pick up your favorite aged salami to make your own charcuterie boards! Did you know you can place orders online @ and they’ll make a beautiful delicious board for your next gathering?

Market News
Pets at the Market

We love our furry friends. Just as you do, we want to make sure they are always healthy. That is not possible with so many feet, sounds, sights, and smells. And that is not to mention the hot, humid summer weather. So please leave your pets at home. Bonafide service animals are always welcome. Emotional support animals are not considered Service animals thus they are not allowed on Market grounds.

Wet Weather Policy

When rain is forecast for Saturday, or it is actually raining, don't forget that our policy on weather is to always be open, rain or shine. Why do we operate this way? That is because people depend on us, our vendors, especially. Unlike bricks and mortar merchants, our vendors have no place to sell their vegetables, baked goods, meats, eggs, what have you if we are not open. They have prepared all week for Saturday. So come to buy, raining or forceasts of rain. The vendors will be present, our volunteers will be present; the only thing we need on those days is YOU.

Once the Market opens for business, the only time we close is if lightning comes within a five mile radius of us. At that point we sound a horn and make announcements that the Market is TEMPORARILY closed. And we ask all guests to stop buying, all vendors to stop selling, and everyone head for shelter inside the Tarkington lobby and parking garage until the lightning passes.
Market Parking
We are fortunate to have two covered parking garages available for Market parking.

At the 600 space Tarkington parking garage, adjoining the Carter Green, you can step out of your car, walk a maximum of 150 feet, take the elevator to the first floor and you are in the heart of the Market.

The Veterans Way garage provides easy access to the Market by simply walking across the Monon Trail and you are in the Market (watch out for bike traffic on the Monon).

By parking in either garage your car is out of the summer sun that can wilt you and your produce purchases on the way home. And, parking is always free in these and all other city of Carmel parking garages. As a reminder, in June, access to both garages will be from Range Line Road.
Certified Kitchens
The Carmel Farmers Market would like our guests to know a little about what we as a committee do behind the scenes, to ensure that you are getting the best products at our market weekly. EVERY vendor who sells prepared foods at the Carmel Farmers Market MUST use a kitchen that is certified and inspected by the County Health Department. Food safety and quality are top on our list for our guests. We do not allow home-based vendors at our market. Annually, we visit approximately 75% of our vendors, on a rotating basis, in their kitchens and on their farms. What an exciting adventure it is to be able to see what each vendor makes/grows/raises to provide our guests with the freshest products possible! If you have any questions or to learn more about any of our vendors, visit our committee tent (bright green tent) for more details.
Vendor Regulation
The Carmel Farmers Market would like our guests to be aware of the regulations that our vendors follow to ensure you have safe products at the market. Our farmers are regulated by the EPA and IDEM. Those who raise meat by the USDA. The vendors who raise poultry and sell eggs are regulated by the state of Indiana. All of our prepared food vendors are regulated by the Hamilton County health department with periodic inspections both at their commercial kitchens and at the market. Our prepared food vendors must also maintain ServeSafe certifications to maintain the freshest and safest food for you!
Upcoming Entertainment

August 12, 2023

Acoustic Geezers

Acoustic covers of all the classic rock, pop, country - music of the 70's 80's 90's and today

August 19, 2023

Austin Johnson

Austin Johnson is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer, and entertainer who can be seen performing frequently in the Indianapolis area.

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Thank you to our Presenting Sponsor IU North Hospital for their generous support of the Carmel Farmers Market!
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