This weekend throughout the United States, we celebrate our freedom. Our rights are protected and opportunities abound. We recognize that freedom has a cost, one we celebrate and honor on days such as this. It's good to honor those who fight for our country, who may well pay the ultimate price for the liberties we're afforded. As faithful Catholics, we recognize that there is more to freedom than simply being at liberty to make our lives what we want them to be. St. John Paul II reminds us: "Freedom is not just doing what we can, it is doing what we ought." We become freer within ourselves and within our relationships when we choose what is right and good. When we choose sin, we become trapped in egoism - less free, not more. This Independence Day, let's continue to pursue virtue and good character and encourage others to do this same. ©LPi

As we come to the end of the financial year for St. Christopher Parish, one cannot help but realize how blessed we are in the midst of incredible challenges. Our community enjoyed strong support, but through the final three months experienced one of the greatest financial shocks we have ever encountered. Many households in our parish suffered from unemployment and harsh business struggles. God has blessed us with a desperately needed financial bridge through federal aid. All who are able, however, need to recognize that regular support is necessary to continue St. Christopher’s important mission of building God’s Kingdom.   Last year our final Sunday collection of the fiscal year was $20,500. This year it is $15,000.

Good stewardship calls us to return our first fruits in gratitude for God’s many gifts to us. Please consider online or scheduled automatic contributions to St. Christopher Parish as part of your household budget. Our future growth and ability to fulfill our mission is in your hands. Please be as generous as you are able.
Thank you for your generosity and continued support. Give online by clicking on the icon above or mail in a gift/payment.
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Unable to attend Mass? Join us for 9:00am Sunday Mass at St. Christopher via live-stream on our parish website and Facebook LIVE ! We will soon have details regarding how to watch live stream via our custom channel coming soon on Roku or Fire TV apps.

Care to hear the homily again? Homilies once again will be posted on the parish website , Facebook , myParish app and also available on popular podcast platforms such as Spotify , Apple Podcast , and Google Podcast .