Grace Episcopal Church 


July 30, 2021
Dear Grace Family,

I am certain many of you have been monitoring the latest updates from the CDC regarding the Delta Variant and the new safety protocols that are emerging. When COVID began, we committed to always keeping the safety of our community as our first priority and today is no exception. The Vestry, staff and I have all agreed that our continued emphasis on safety is a part of who we are at Grace, even when it may put us at a personal inconvenience.

Therefore, we are following not only the CDC’s recommendation but also the guidance of our Bishop, Susan Goff, in how to proceed for the near future. We will once again require masks at all indoor services and other indoor gatherings at Grace.

I have not made a decision at this point in time on whether or not our communion procedures will need to be amended. However, for the next two Sundays while I am on vacation, our deacon, Brian Justice, will be leading Morning Prayer. This gives us time to monitor the recommendations of our Diocese so that we can make an informed decision in the coming weeks.

Please remember that our response to COVID will continue to be fluid as our knowledge grows. I am thankful for each and everyone of you as we navigate these challenging times. I pray that each of you continues to stay safe and mindful not only of yourself but those around you as well. This kind of community care is what our Christian faith calls forth in us. Now, like no other time in our recent history, are we able to show one another what Christ so desires for us…that we love our neighbor as ourselves. May it be so in all that we do, in all that we say, and in all that we believe.

Grace and Peace,

p.s. If you would like more information on the Diocesan guidelines that were released this week, you may find Bishop Goff’s letter here. 


8:00 am Facebook Live (readings and sermon only)
9:00 am Inside Worship (mask required)
10:00 am Coffee Hour (mask required)
11:00 am Inside Worship with Choir (mask required)