This is a friendly reminder to please invest 5 minutes BEFORE July 31 to speak up for arts education in Florida.  
Many thanks to those of you who did speak up this week.

      Arts education needs ALL OF US to take five minutes before July 31 to participate on a simple online survey for public input regarding the development of Florida's
Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) State Plan. 

Below are simple what-to-do steps for you to take to make a difference for arts education in our state.  Thank you, and encourage others to take action, too, before July 31.
FCA Action Alert
Please Take Quick Action Steps Below Before July 31.  These simple what-to-do steps should take you no more than 5 minutes to complete.  Thank you.

     The Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) released its draft plan  and waiver for its implementation of the federal Every Student Succeeds Act
( ESSA). 

      The FLDOE requests public input BEFORE July 31, 2017, on its online survey regarding its draft plan.   Its final ESSA Plan must be submitted to U.S. Department of Education in September 2017.  

Help achieve these three goals for arts education in Florida's ESSA Plan:

Goal 1:   Clearly define what artistic disciplines/courses are included for "fine arts" and "arts" in Florida's ESSA Plan for stronger clarity and equity.

Goal 2:   Clarify that Local Education Agencies' (LEA) needs assessments include an emphasis on "well-rounded educational opportunities." 

Goal 3:   Increase the percentage of available funds under Title IV, Part A for sub grants that support well-rounded educational opportunities.

To implement these steps should take you 
no more than five minutes;
however, they must be taken BEFORE July 31:

There are 10 comment boxes on the FLDOE online survey. Feel free to make comments under any of the 10 comment boxes; HOWEVER, we ask that you put the following suggested recommendations under COMMENT BOXES 1 AND 6 to help achieve the three goals stated above: 

Step #1
   Go to the FLDOE  online survey .

Step #2:    Once there, complete the information boxes for your

              Stakeholder Group or Other
              Organization if applicable

Step #3:    Under  comment box # 1 --   Title I, Part A: Improving Basic Programs Operated by Local Educational Agencies, 

copy and paste or type the following under comment box # 1 :

      On page 9 under #3, paragraph 2:  after "fine arts," please add (visual arts, music, dance, and theatre) for greater clarity and equity.

Step #4:    Under comment box under # 6 -- 
Title IV, Part A: Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grants

copy and paste or type the following THREE suggested recommendations:

#1 Suggested Recommendation to Type Under Comment Box #6:
On page 45 right after the term "well-rounded" is defined in ESEA section 8101, please add right after the  definition of "well-rounded" the following statement for clarity and equity: FDOE, based on Florida Statute 1003.4995 Fine arts report, defines "arts" as visual arts, music, dance, and theatre.  

#2 Suggested Recommendation to Type Under Comment Box #6:

On page 45, put an emphasis on well-rounded educational opportunities following this statement for greater focus Conducting a needs assessment to gain input from LEAs in regard to areas in which they need assistance within the SSAE program that includes support for well-rounded educational opportunities.

#3 Suggested Recommendation to Type Under Comment Box #6:  
On page 45, under LEAs must allocate, increase the percentage from 20% to 50% to read as follows: 1.  At least 50 percent of funds for activities to support well-rounded educational opportunities.  

Step #5:
 So we know how many advocates completed the FLDOE online survey, please quickly email to let us know.
         Include your name and contact information.  Thank you.

Please share this email and ask others to take action.

Arts education in our state thanks you for caring
and for following through on this request.