To All LA Families:
Wishing you, once again, wellness and stability on this last day of July, please find here specific information regarding schedules and logistics involved in our return to school in early September- a prospect which still holds great excitement and expectation.
This communication will be followed in mid-August by a full and detailed presentation of plans, protocols, and procedures around all aspects of school life for the fall. We will communicate initially by email, following up with a Zoom Town Hall meeting the week of August 17th. 
In addition to the calendar and schedule information immediately below, we are highlighting several other significant areas for family attention and planning purposes. If there are questions that are not answered in this email that need to be addressed before our next communication, please be in touch with any of us listed below as appropriate.
  • School Return and Registration Schedule: You can find here the opening schedule with return dates for each grade and cohort. As you can see, we are starting by welcoming and orienting our new students while gradually increasing both our residential and campus density. We will train and practice our community health protocols as our campus capacity progresses from half to three-quarters to full over a 10+ day period. We believe this will be the safest and most disciplined way to “load” the campus and establish disciplined, effective routines.
  • Weekly Schedule: You can find the weekly schedule here. The significant features of the schedule include a regular, rotating block schedule Tuesdays through Fridays modeled on our Red Week/Blue Week schedule from last year. Mondays will be remote for all students, including those boarding students remaining on campus. The added buffer of remote days on Mondays will help to moderate campus density, provide relief from the rigors of health and safety protocols in a “mixed access” teaching and learning setting, and allow for increased cleaning protocols. The “remote block” Tuesdays through Fridays are designed specifically for international students to address time-zone issues.
In addition to these two plans and documents, here is a set of critical points for families to register and realize heading to the fall:
  • Travel Quarantine for All Members of LA Community: The state of Massachusetts has issued revised guidelines for quarantine for anyone traveling to Massachusetts from outside the states of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Hawaii. While the 14-day quarantine is still a part of the approach, each traveler entering MA from outside the exclusion area must document entry into the state. We will follow up with more specific reminder and guidance three weeks ahead of the first possible return to campus, but families should be aware of this additional regulation and may familiarize themselves with the state guidance here.

  • Emergency Plans for International Students and Distant Boarders: We will be asking all international students and all domestic boarders who live outside of MA, ME, VT, NH, RI, CT, NY, and NJ to identify an emergency contact who will be able to provide support and accommodation in the event of necessary quarantine or school closure. We will follow up with families individually to better understand arrangements they may already have in place, but we are communicating this information to families now so that they have an opportunity to formalize contacts and plans over the next month if they have not done so. For international families who need assistance finding such an arrangement, we have contracted with GoldStar, a local company specializing in local guardian services. We are happy to provide contact information as needed.

  • Athletics: our schedule will allow for a variety of modes of training. As noted in our previous communication, there will be no competitive ISL schedule in the fall, but our weekly schedule has been built to maintain flexibility to engage in athletic activities up to those levels permitted by state health and medical guidance and in compliance with ISL agreements. Please note: organized athletic activities are NOT permitted until such permission is explicitly granted by the Lawrence Academy administration. Per MIAA guidance, there will be no school-affiliated or school-organized athletic activity until September 14th at the earliest.

  • Dining: The full dining program, which will include alternative and remote locations, will be outlined in our mid-August communication. For now to facilitate planning, families should know that we plan to offer breakfast and lunch options for both day students and boarders. Full dinner will be available only to boarding students, but day students will be provided healthy snack options after athletic practices at the end of the day to help sustain them for travel home. We have made this decision in order to support smooth operation while managing campus density.

  • Campus Restrictions: There will be many adjustments to the normal patterns of movement and access both on-campus and off-campus. The full set of protocols will be delivered in mid-August, but for now, two important controls need to be noted as they represent important adjustments:

  • students will not be allowed access to town during the academic day
  • boarding students will not be allowed to sign out off campus during the academic week (this will apply Tuesday through Thursday, given the remote schedule on Mondays)
All of this information is a great deal to process, we know, and the weight of re-conceiving the opening of school as a time for careful distance and contingency planning—rather than a celebration of closeness and predictability—cannot be underestimated. We will continue to be here for you to provide direction, stability, and a sense of confidence as we move through these momentous times together.
Dan Scheibe
Head of School
Chris Davey
Assistant Head of School for Institutional Strategy and Advancement
Bob Kramer
Assistant Head of School for Finance and Operations
Raquel Majeski
Assistant Head of School for Equity and Community Life
Libby Margraf
Assistant Head of School for School Life