July 4th – Celebrations and Emergencies
Help Us Help Your Clients
Everyone likes a good barbecue, but we know all too well that it’s a prime time of year for pets to get into trouble. And we anticipate a larger than large caseload over the holiday weekend.
Here are a few tips to share with your clients to make a trip to the ER, if needed, a bit more manageable.
  • Help them stay away from the ER – Reminders of food toxicities, foreign body ingestion, fatty foods, and alcohol consumption top the list.

  • Keep pets cool – Encourage clients to safeguard their pets from heat exhaustion with early morning and evening walks, avoiding the midday exposure. They should remain indoors with air conditioning if available and invest in a cooling bed. Fresh water and shade are a must if they need to spend any time outdoors.

  • Don’t get lost in the shuffle – MICROCHIP! It’s important any time of year, but never more important than July 4th. 

  • Be prepared – Clients should be informed that the ER will be busy and they should anticipate a longer wait than normal. We welcome their call prior to arrival and we’ll do our best to give them an estimate of the wait time given the current number of hospitalized patients.

  • Pack their patience – We know temperatures are high and patience is low. We’re truly doing our best to triage patients and ensure each receives the appropriate level of care in a timely manner.
Our Client Care Concierges circulate through the parking lot regularly, checking in on clients, offering water, and providing updates on their pets. 

We always appreciate the opportunity to help you and your patients. For more information or to make a referral, please call 386.252.0206 or email us at info@animalervolusia.com.

Diane Johnson, DVM and the Team at Animal Emergency Hospital Volusia
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