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Masking & Marching for the 19 th Amendment
For the 86th time since 1934, the Hollyhock Lane neighborhood parade on July 4th will march at 8:30 am—with a difference; but it will remain a wonderful way to start the holiday!  
Minnie icon masked
This year’s scaled-down event will parade masked and socially distanced, as will we. While we will miss the crush of kids on bikes, we anticipate amusing family floats. We will miss throwing out candy, along with our women’s history nuggets on colorful quarter pages; but we will be delighted to have Karen Dunnam join us with her 1920s horn and to sport brand new posters honoring the 2020 centennial of the Nineteenth Amendment. (Thanks to the Strand family for getting these ready to go!)
New 2020 marching posters
During this challenging year, the Greater Grand Rapids Women’s History Council first pivoted from year-long celebrations in-person to rededicate itself to virtual salutes honoring the costly battle of over 70 years for the universal right to vote. Recently, we have been paused to reconsider how we will more fully and effectively embrace all local women’s history. But on July 4 th , we will re-emerge as a visible community reminder of just how important voting rights have been—then and now.
GGRWHC at a Hollyhock past
Keep up with us as we continue to share what we know and to skewer myths about suffrage history , but Saturday is for spectacle! Join us, if you can safely. Onlookers always give us a lot of love.
At 8:00 am , the GGRWHC will begin gathering—distanced—on the northeast corner of Calvin and Alexander. (If you get lost, call 616-443-4946.) Generally, we slide into the parade early without crossing the paths of other paraders. This year there will be no milling around, in any case.
BE EARLY! This very short parade will begin at 8:30 am . march north on Calvin, round Franklin heading south onto Pontiac, and round back north on Giddings to end, appropriately, at Hollyhock Lane. We will then head back down the alleyway between Giddings and Calvin to collect GGRWHC materials and to depart from our original corner.
A past parade
We have “Votes for Women” signs, pennants, and sashes. If you can, dress in something that looks vintage—we interpret “looks” broadly! Just wear as much white as you can manage. You might want your own head gear, but we also have lots of great hats for both women and men!
Men’s marching hats
Hats off to the women and suffragents of the past who proceeded for decades on the courage of their convictions!
Women’s marching hats
GGRWHC’s program year honoring the 19th Amendment centennial was interrupted by the coronavirus outbreak. We regret especially the loss of the August 26 th celebration. For now, please stay safe, exercise safely, and celebrate with the Greater Grand Rapids Women’s History Council virtually and in print!

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Stay home and stay safe--but celebrate with us virtually and in print! 
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Hats off to the historical women who have shaped West Michigan!
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