From all of us here at Xanadu Dogs:
Fourth of July BLOWOUT SALE
and Pup Alert
July 2nd, 2018
Including No-Low-Shed Mini-Doodles & Lower-Shed Goberian Pups & Email Contact:

Call Sheron Steele at 970 708-8030 for more information about Available Guardian, Blintz / No text messages, please.
For inquiries about our 2 available mini-Doodles or about purchasing Blintz as a Litter Pick female, please contact Mandi at

1. FOURTH OF JULY Intro. to XANADU Pup-Closeout Sale
2. MERRY & SNOW'S MINI-DOODLE AVAILABLE PUPS are On SALE / July 4 CLOSEOUT -- One Male & one Female. See below.
For the most part, dogs enjoy people celebrations: Lots of human attention, great party food...but dogs really aren't that patriotic. You are their people, their kind, their loyal citizens, and their (your) home is their country.
Thunderstorms, loud car noises and backfires, gunshots, and fireworks...not comfortable for most dogs and puppies. If you are going out for festivities on the 4th, this may be an occasion to leave Fido and Fluffy and Mojo and Moxi at home -- inside and in a quiet place where they can feel secure. And if you are hosting a gathering that will include loud noises, be especially sensitive to your animals' emotions. Make them feel secure...Besides being your dog's BFF, family, citizen and country, you are also your dog's security and comfort and emotional support.

XANADU'S FOURTH OF JULY BLOW-OUT SALE is primarily for Colorado citizens, but Utah and New Mexico residents may also want to take advantage of our pup-closeout. Anyone who can come to pick up a puppy and drive him / her home or fly home with a pup in the cabin of a plane is welcome to XANADU'S pup-closeout.
At this HOT time of summer, Delta Airlines will not fly pups if the weather along their journey is over 85 degrees. Driving to pick up your new pup or flying in to the Grand Junction Airport (GJT) is your best bet. Our sale prices will help defray your gas expenses or your airline ticket.
Following are the AVAILABLE PUPPIES who need to go to new homes at this time.
2. AVAILABLE LOW/NO-SHED MINI-DOODLES out of MERRY & Sired by SNOW . (Please see Dam & Sire photos, #1 and #2) We do not have another mini - multigenerational Doodle litter coming at this time or expected this season. For inquiries about our 2 available mini-Doodles, please contact Mandi at

One male and one female pup are AVAILABLE to pet homes. Puppies are apricot & white parti-colors, expected to be low -shed (our female pup, MyGirl!) as an adult. Silk Shorts is XANADU'S available mini-Doodle male. These two pups are expected to be smaller Doodles--about 25-32 lb. adult size. MyGirl! will be smaller than her brother, Silk Shorts.

Current Pup Photos of That's-My-Girl! (3 photos) and ( hazel-eyed, white-footed) Silk Shorts (3 photos) are below. These babies are fun-fun-fun. Sweet, playful & goofy little clowns, good with children and beautiful, easy to train and smart!

Please note that this litter is genetically a longevity litter. With your love and great care, your family member is expected to live a long life of 17-20 years; that is, throughout your children's childhood. (Please see attached photos of That'sMyGirl! (photos 3-6) and her brother, Silk Shorts (photos 7-9).

DOB: APRIL 13, 2018
PRICING: JULY 4th SALE PRICE: $950, and guaranteed for temperament, genetic soundness, and great vet-checked health. Up-to-date with puppy shots and worming .
 Please contact Mandi at These AVAILABLE siblings are ready to go home now, and are available for new pet homes that can take a puppy home at this time. This July 4th SALE PRICE is good through July 6th.
My Girl
Silk Shorts
3. AVAILABLE - - BROUHAHA'S Standard-Sized GOBERIAN GUARDIAN FEMALE (or she could be available as a Litter Pick female) by sire, RIO COCO (Please see photos of Dam, Brouhaha, and sire, Rio Coco -- photos #10 & 11) Call Sheron Steele at 970 708-8030 for more information about Available Guardian, Blintz / No text messages, please. Please see Guardian Information attached -- #12). HOWEVER, if a Guardian Home for this girl cannot be found, Blintz will be sold as a Litter Pick female. Future breeding dogs are the first pups chosen from a litter. For ALL the reasons noted in XANADU'S Breeding Goals (See attachment 13), Blintz was selected to be the Guardian pup from Brouhaha's litter. If you are considering Blintz as your new BFF, you'll want to know more about those special psychological characteristics. Please contact Mandi, Brouhaha's Guardian, for information about this "perfect" female:
Please see attached Goberian Characteristics, #14). Puppies have Wolfy/Husky eyebrows/markings, and they look like little wolf-cubs. VERY well socialized, playful, and ready-to-go babies. Ask Mandi why Blintz is so special. Please see attached 3 photos of AVAILABLE Blintz (photos #15 - 17) --

DOB: April 25, 2018

*Blintz - Female, Hazel-eyes, Sweet, described as "Perfect" by GUARDIAN family. Blintz may be purchased as a XANADU Guardian female or as a Litter Pick female. Pricing follows for each arrangement:
GUARDIAN Price: $600 w/ 1 - litter Breeding Agreement. Call Sheron at 970 708-8030 for more information / no texts please. 3 Photos of Blintz attached.
To Purchase Blintz as a LITTER PICK FEMALE Price: $1500 , p lease email Mandi at 
HOW to Reserve Your XANADU Puppy: Full Payment can be made at this time through PayPal (see website link, contact Mandi at, or if you'd like to be considered for Guardianship of Blintz, please call me at 970 708-8030. PayPal payments can be made by using my email address:

Thank you for considering a XANADU puppy. Remember that you are always welcome to contact us with any questions -- for the life of your dog. I may not always know the answers to your questions, but often can refer you to someone who is knowledgeable in that area.
To qualify for ownership of a XANADU dog, excellent care of your new family member is required in the rearing of a loving, responsible, good furry-family- member: Love, exercise, training, a great diet, excellent vet care...Also required is that you LOVE your new puppy when you receive him/her. Your puppy is guaranteed to love you back.

A copy of XANADU Breeding Goals is attached to this Pup Alert. Our Mission is the development of the WORLD'S BEST FAMILY DOG. Begin your search for a new puppy by reading the following information to see if the XANADU Dog is the BFF you have been searching for. We emphasize temperament, genetic soundness, and vet-checked health.
Each XANADU litter is described by the characteristics of parents & grandparents and by phenotype (what they look like), genetic percentages, etc., because we are working toward a NEW BREED: The XANADU Dog. The two available females and one male pup noted in this Pup Alert are the latest and most developed pups toward our end: World's Best Family Dog.
Another attached resource is a document called, "How to Select a Puppy," which is good to consult when shopping for a responsible dog breeder.

Your XANADU pup will be examined by a veterinarian before pick-up and s/he will be wormed. XANADU puppies are guaranteed for temperament, genetic soundness, and total health. You are guaranteed to love your puppy and your pup is guaranteed to love you in return.
My very best,
Sheron Steele & Xanadu Pack o' Pups
Sheron Mariah Steele, PhD
Xanadu Dogs, LLC

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