Glenmore 4th of July Parade
2 July 2019

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July 4 character
Thanks GCC ... the 4th of July Parade is On!
We received word from Beth Hyder (GCC) that the 4th of July parade is on. We have three volunteers who are organizing the parade event.

All residents are invited to attend. The parade will line-up at the Bremerton Cottages sign starting at 10:30 AM, and will begin at 11 AM. The parade will continue along Piper Way and end in Clubhouse Circle. The Country Club is serving frozen treats at the conclusion of the parade.

Happy Birthday America!
Breezy Hill Development Meeting - Well Done Glenmore
Over 200 people attended the Breezy Hill meeting and spoke up regarding the County's Comprehensive Plan. Here is what we heard.

As the County’s acting director of planning, David Benish, explained both the Comprehensive Plan and the master plan for the Village of Rivanna are construed under state law as advisory documents only. They do not carry any enforcement power themselves but can be utilized by both the Commission and the Board of Supervisors to guide their final decisions. The Comprehensive Plan provides a vision for highest and best land use in a County and a Master Plan can be more specific and advisory as to how certain properties or areas are developed. But again neither document is legally binding.

The intent of the Community Meeting is to enable a land use applicant to hear from the community about what possible changes may be necessary to reduce community opposition or potentially to gain community support. The developer’s representative, Don Franco, stated at the end of the meeting that the original application presented for 200 units will need to be tailored down. Don indicated what the Planning Commission will now see within the 90 days from original application to Planning Commission public hearing will be different.

The Planning Commission will perform their magisterial vetting of the revised application (early September). They may recommend additions or deletions in the application to address impacts and concerns they see with the proposal, some of which may well be framed by public comments. What the Board of Supervisors will finally review for legislative action (October) is probably and often a very revised document from what the public first sees at the Community Meeting.

Hence, it is imperative for the public to remain engaged and responsive to the changes in the application as it goes through policy deliberation. This is due process for the applicant. At the same time there are two major opportunities for the public to weigh in during public hearings on the changes and possible improvements in the application or on aspects that remain problematic. 

Bottom Line:
We must remain engaged with this application as it proceeds through the County’s process. We have no idea whether this application will be approved, simply because we don’t know what the application will look like when the Board reviews and votes on it. But we do know that continued public involvement is our best insurance for having a say in the Village of Rivanna Master Plan.
Seeking Glenmore Farm History
If you have knowledge of Glenmore Farm before it was owned by the Kesslers, please contact the Equestrian Center by clicking here.
Bear Sighting in Glenmore
After our bear sighting this past week we'll be starting a series of newsletter items on wild animal safety in the community. The first of the series is on bears and is taken and edited from the US National Park Service (NPS).

If you spot a bear in our community:
  1. Maintain a distance of at least 50 yards
  2. Make noise (clap, yell, etc.) to make sure the bear knows you are present
  3. If the bear moves towards you, move away slowly and do not turn your back to the bear. DO NOT run from a bear. If you have no escape, stand tall, wave your arms, yell, clap and throw rocks to deter the bear.
  4. If you are on one of our trails, stay alert and take a detour but do not surround the bear.
  5. Retreat to your home or vehicle if the bear is in or near your property
  6. NEVER feed a bear. Do not leave any food or garbage out in the open. Secure your trash containers in a closed area or garage.
  7. If you perceive that a bear is 'hanging out", looking for food in your trash, or on your property, report the incident to the Albemarle County Animal Control at 434-296-5807 or on their website.

You can read the entire bear safety article from the NPS by clicking here .
Volleyball at the GCA Sports Field
We have a  Volleyball court  and equipment at the GCA Sports Field. If you need equipment, its in the equipment shed at the Sports Field. Contact Thelma Washington (Associa) at 434-984-0700 Ext 1 for the combination to the sports equipment shed.
GCA Members ... Looking for Answers?
Our GCA Web Page has vast amounts of information. If you open the Web Page and click on "More", you'll see "FAQs" with answers to frequently asked questions such as:
  • I want to report a problem with roads. Answer: Contact the board member responsible for the Glenmore Roads Committee at
  • I want to modify my home or yard. Answer: For inquiries, contact the Architectural Review Committee at
Watch These Dates
Jul 4: Independence Day Parade starts at 11 AM
Jul 17: Albemarle County Board Meeting
Jul 18: GCA Board Meeting at 7 PM
Aug 7: Albemarle County Board Meeting 1PM and 6PM
Aug 15: GCA Board Meeting at 7 PM
Aug 21: Albemarle County Board Meeting 1PM and 6PM