With the unexpected parties in our community over this past weekend, I want to reassure you that FIPPOA has working with State and local officials to keep the community safe. We are extremely concerned about the health of our residents in the Pines. We are distressed by the irresponsible behavior of some residents and visitors. 

We need your help. If you see something, say something. We urge you to report large gatherings immediately to 911.

Yesterday, I spoke to the Marine Bureau of the Suffolk County police, which provides police services to Fire Island, throughout the afternoon in order to have the large party on the beach shut down (FIPPOA does not regulate the beach). The police were present and monitoring the party but reluctant to disband it. Finally, additional police were sent, a helicopter flew over the party, and it disbanded in the early evening.

The numerous parties that occurred yesterday and were posted on social media drew the attention of Governor Cuomo. The Governor’s office was in touch with Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone to enforce the Governor’s Executive Order forbidding the congregation of large groups and requiring masks or facial coverings in public. 

Going forward, the following steps will be taken to keep Fire Island Pines and all Fire Island communities safe:

Parties on the beach forbidden
I talked today with the head of the Suffolk County Marine Bureau to clarify its policy. I was informed that the police will stop any beach party occurring on Fire Island henceforth. Tickets will be issued to anyone congregating in a party who refuses to comply with an order to disburse. Refusal can also result in arrest. 

Social distancing or masks required on the beach
The policy of wearing masks on the beach has also been clarified. Beach goers are required to socially distance. In cases where a person cannot socially distance, he or she is required to wear a mask. This includes large groups of people sitting together on the beach. The groups must socially distance or each person must wear a mask.

House parties regulated and monitored
The police will be more vigilant with regard to enforcing the Executive Order with regard to house parties. Masks will be required at all parties and in any gathering where people cannot maintain social distancing. If the police are called to a house for any reason whatsoever, such as noise, the police will also enforce these Executive Orders as well.

FIPPOA is doing all we can to serve our community during these very difficult times. I wish you a safe evening.