New Hookahs, Flavors, and Accessories!
Stock up this summer with some new hookah products! We got in some fancy new Zahrah Mini Bohemian Hookahs,and Deezer hookahs along with a few new Afzal flavors. Don't forget to check out the couple of new charcoal brands we added along with some new hookah accessories!
New Zahrah Spade stems. Make your own hookah with base and hose! Check out the new Amira, Deezer, Starbuzz, and MYA hookahs we just added! We have many new multiple hose hookahs available.

Shisha Flavors
Afzal and Trifecta Blonde and Dark restocked! Two of our most popular brands currently! New Fumari and Nirvana flavors!

Cocourth hexagonals are must try! Also our most popular brands Titanium and Coconara have been restocked.

Hookah Accessories
Alpaca bowls, Tangier's bowls, HJ bowls and more! All lolli-tip flavors are back in stock as well.

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Be sure to enter code: 10FREESHIP at checkout to save! 10% Off on ALL orders and if over $100 we will throw in FREE shipping for domestic USA orders. Choose UPS Ground option for the free shipping if over $100. Free shipping not available for international orders. Expires 7/8/19