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Update - Scoring Workbook 2018 Housing Credit Funding Round 
The scoring workbook for the 2018 Housing Credit funding round has been updated to include the most current data available for the Kentucky census tracts with a poverty rate less than 20 percent (refer to Tab 9 of the workbook). Applicants are encouraged to review the updates to determine if there have been any changes to the census tracts in which their proposed projects are located. The scoring workbook is available on Kentucky Housing Corporation's (KHC) website, under Development; Multifamily; Applications, Guidelines, and Scoring; Application and Scoring dropdown.

If you have questions, please contact Michele Huybers toll-free in Kentucky at 800-633-8896 or 502-564-7630, extension 331; TTY 711; or email .
2017 Cost Containment Limits for Multifamily Projects Now Available 
KHC has updated the cost containment limits for multifamily projects, which are based on the HUD 234 condominium mortgage limits in effect for the current year. Applicants for 2018 multifamily resources should use the revised cost containment guidelines when completing the underwriting model. The cost containment guidelines are available on KHC's website, under Development, Multifamily, Underwriting Resources.
If you have any questions about the cost containment guidelines, please contact David Johnson toll-free in Kentucky at 800-633-8896 or 502-564-7630, extension 457; TTY 711; or email
Removal of Documents from UFA 
Documents uploaded in the Universal Funding Application (UFA) will no longer be accessible within the applications once the submission deadline date of each stage has passed (i.e., capacity submission, application submission, technical submission, etc.). The UFA will continue to show the name of the document attached, but will be deleted from the application. If a document was attached from the document repository, it will not be deleted from the application.

If you have questions, please contact Terry Helton toll-free in Kentucky at 800-633-8896 or 502-564-7630, extension 253; TTY 711; or email

DO NOT REPLY-This is an unmonitored email address. 


Kentucky Housing Corporation prohibits discrimination on the basis of race; color; religion; sex; national origin; sexual orientation or gender identity; ancestry; age; genetic information; disability; or marital, familial, or veteran status. 


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