July 8, 2022
A publication by Gloucester's Department of Community Engagement and Public Information
Gloucester Launching the “BEE Alert” Notification System
Gloucester County Emergency Management is launching a new emergency notification service for citizens called the “BEE Alert.” All citizens must manually register to receive emergency notifications even if they are already registered with the current system, CodeRED. Data from CodeRED will not automatically be transferred over to the new system, which uses Everbridge technology. While registration for BEE Alert will be ongoing, citizens are asked to register as soon as possible to avoid missing any emergency notifications.

“We are excited to bring this new system to Gloucester,” said Jane Wenner, Gloucester’s Emergency Services Coordinator. “It provides us with more options to notify our citizens in the event of an emergency or other important event - and it comes to us at a lower price tag.”

Registering for the system can be easily completed in several different ways. Citizens can click on the image link on the County’s website, www.gloucesterva.info, where it states, “Sign up for the BEE Alert Emergency Notification System.” Citizens can also simply text “GCVA” to 888777 and follow the prompts to enroll – or scan a QR code on marketing materials sent out by the County. Finally, citizens can contact the Emergency Management Department directly at 804-693-1390 or DEM@gloucesterva.info to receive assistance in signing up.

Once registered, citizens will have options to choose various alerts they wish to receive. These include weather-related or other events that could compromise the safety and health of the community, that target the specific address that is input into the system. As an example, if there is a Tornado Warning issued by the U.S. National Weather Service in Wakefield for Gloucester Point, only residents in the warning-area would be notified – not the entire County.

Citizens are also able to choose the means in which they wish to receive the notifications. Messages can be received through an Everbridge application on their mobile devices, via text message, via voice call or a combination of the above.

Citizens who have signed up with the previous notification system will continue to receive alerts through the end of August. At that time, the County’s contract with that provider will end, and to continue receiving notifications, citizens must be registered with the BEE Alert system.

“We cannot stress enough the importance of signing up for this system,” Wenner added. “Ultimately, it will protect you and your family, and possibly even save your life.”

More Wireless Broadband Work Accomplished in Gloucester this Week

Representatives with Open Broadband, LLC were back in Gloucester this week installing some equipment on the County's water tower off of Main Street. This is another step toward wireless broadband reaching more people in Gloucester County!

This is one of several towers being outfitted and/or constructed to help build out a new network in Gloucester County. The first phase is the fulfillment of the Virginia Telecommunications Initiative grant, which is projected to expand broadband access to 313 “serviceable units,” including 19 businesses, with 131 addresses located in Gloucester, 2 in Middlesex, and 180 in Mathews.

Up-to-date information regarding the VATI Grant, as well as broadband service providers and initiatives, can be found on the Gloucester Broadband Information HUB at https://gloucester-broadband-gcgis.hub.arcgis.com/.
New Podcast Takes a Step Back in Time

Have you ever wondered where your 911 address came from or how it came to be? This month, our Current Conversations Podcast takes a trip down memory lane, back to the early 1990s, when these numbers were first established. Rita Taylor, our GIS Manager, was with the County during much of this time, and explains how the system works, where to place your numbers, and why they are so important.

July is Park & Recreation Month!

Since 1985, people in the United States have celebrated Park and Recreation Month in July to promote building strong, vibrant and resilient communities through the power of parks and recreation and to recognize the more than 160,000 full-time park and recreation professionals — along with hundreds of thousands of part-time and seasonal workers and volunteers — that maintain our country’s local, state and community parks.

The Library Wants Your Input!

The lease between Gloucester County and Main Street Preservation Trust has been extended through 2034. The lessor will provide $200,000 for building improvements. This is exciting news!

Help us plan for the future! We need new paint and carpet. BUT what would you like to see?

Submit your suggestions over the phone at
804-693-2998 or via e-mail - Library.Questions@gloucesterva.info
throughout the month of July.

For more information, to apply, and review full job descriptions, please visit https://www.gloucesterva.info/347/Job-Opportunities
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