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July 8, 2021
Community UCC is an inclusive and progressive Christian Church doing social justice, environmental faithfulness, interfaith collaboration and spiritual formation to help ourselves and others grow in faith, hope and love.

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Services resume in sanctuary on July 11

After 17 months, we return to the sanctuary for our Sunday worship services! This Sunday, July 11, Pastor Julia Penner-Zook will deliver a sermon titled "Who Knew? How New?" Her sermon is inspired by Luke 5: 1-4; 7 and Acts 16: 11-15.

Watch and listen below to Pastor Julia's message about returning to the sanctuary.
More about worshiping in the sanctuary

The Council has decided on these protocols for indoor services:
  • Masks will be required.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available.
  • Social distancing will be maintained. (Families, of course, can sit together.)
  • Fellowship after church will take place in the breezeway. We expect to serve coffee and water in paper cups.

As we meet together again after months of isolation, let’s be mindful that each of us has different needs for “space.” Even in our joy at being together, we encourage each of us to respect individual space physically as well as emotionally. 

Let’s also be mindful of people who have only gotten to know us on Zoom and may join us in person. Here, too, we want each person to feel warmly welcomed, yet respected in their need to get to know us in their own way and time. Some may want to talk; others not! That’s okay! Mindfulness is key!
If you can't get to church but want to join in worship and fellowship

Beginning on July 11, worship services will ONLY be on YouTube (, NOT on Zoom, using our new camera system.

But a fellowship time will be available on Zoom before and after services beginning on July 11. Rod Zook has generously offered to make a Zoom connection available for those who are unable to attend, are out of town or don't live in Fresno.

You can join on Zoom around 10 a.m. for pre-worship fellowship. We'll end the Zoom meeting shortly before the service starts at 10:30 so you'll have a chance to join the live service on YouTube ( Following the service, you can return to the same Zoom link and we'll connect to end our time together and head into another week.

The link for Zoom fellowship on July 11 was emailed to members and friends on Wednesday, July 7.
Honoring Jazzy Wall on July 11 during worship

Jazzy Wall is leaving her position in our nursery. She has provided many years of service and touched the lives of many children. Jazzy's last day was June 27. Please join us on July 11 to honor her. 
Thursday evening worship resumes July 22

Thursday evening worship is taking a break while Robin is on vacation. It will resume at 7 p.m. July 22. Details to come. If you have questions or would like a Zoom link, contact Robin at
Scenes from July 4: joy of being together again!
EJ gave the sermon when we gathered on July 4 in the breezeway for the our first in-person service in 17 months. Photos by Randy Bell.
Pastor Julia welcomed folks to the July 4 service.
Aravis and Rossi delivered their popular Sunday-morning message in person.

Lisa will put together a video slideshow with more images from last Sunday's service, so watch for that.
And the winner is . . .

Deanna Riley is the winner of the beautiful Desert Beauty Succulent Raffle Basket! Congratulations, Deanna, and thanks to everyone who supported this fundraiser.
A message about music from EJ
Welcome back, church! Exciting times are ahead of us! As we make our way back into the sanctuary, I thought you'd like to know how we choose music for our services.

Key is this fact: we will continue to broadcast our services live over YouTube and Facebook to expand our reach into the community. Those broadcasts are bound by specific laws, including licensing and copyright laws. Specifically, it’s illegal to include copyrighted music in a live broadcast without permission from the copyright holder.
So, we only sing music to which we have the legal rights. That’s why you've heard, nearly exclusively, music written by me during quarantine. And I’m working on new music for you.

But we also can now include in our live broadcasts Christian music from other composers, as well. That’s because we recently completed a paid agreement with a licensing agency.

Unfortunately, I’m not aware of such a licensing agreement for “secular” music.

Thank you for your enthusiasm, support, and commitment to our church. I cannot WAIT to see you all on Sunday!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know! You can contact me at
Extra! Extra!
eNews takes a summer vacation (sort of)

For part of July and August, eNews will publish every other week instead of weekly.

The publication schedule (and deadlines) after July 8 are listed below:
  • NO eNews on July 15.
  • eNews will publish on July 22.
  • NO eNews on July 29.
  • eNews will publish on Aug. 5.
  • NO eNews Aug. 12.

Our normal weekly publication schedule will resume on Thursday, Aug. 19 (deadline is at 10 a.m. Wednesdays). Please send articles and photos for eNews to both Lisa Bell at and Doug Hoagland at
Deadline for Tidyman Scholarship extended

Applications for the Tidyman Scholarship are now due by July 31.

Applicants can pick up the paperwork at the church office or by emailing Marilyn (

The Tidyman Scholarship Fund – established in 1999 by the Tidyman family – provides scholarships for church members.
All-Church Family Camp scheduled for Labor Day Weekend, Sept. 3-5
Annie and Jack Van Patten express their enthusiasm for – and love of – Family Camp in the video below. Annie can be reached at 209.902.2033 or
John Donaldson memorial service

A memorial service for John Donaldson is scheduled for 11 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 2, at Hope Lutheran Church, 364 E. Barstow Ave, Fresno.
Respecting Marilyn's office hours

We ask everyone to please respect Marilyn’s regular office hours of Monday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the office, and Friday 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on call from home. Marilyn has put in many work hours over the years, and she has never complained. The Personnel Team is working to guard her personal space with this request. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Note: We have a new alarm system on the property. If you have previously had access with a key and code, please do not use that until you’ve checked with Marilyn at the office.
Contacting Pastor Julia at church; Robin on vacation

Pastor Julia will be in the office Thursday mornings and can be reached by phone, text, e-mail or Facetime other days of the week as well. E-mail her at j.penner.zook@gmail.comRobin is on vacation and is scheduled to return July 19.
In each week's eNews, we include a news article from our larger denomination, the United Church of Christ, to show the faithful work being done in other places.
Chicago UCC pastor walks to DC to press Biden to address US ‘violence pandemic’

A Chicago pastor has long believed that violence is a public health crisis. Doing something about it is woven into his mission and his ministry. He’s now calling on President Biden to sign an executive order to declare it so.

The Rev. Anthony Williams and four other activists are spending 11 days walking to Washington, D.C., to drive the point home. Continue reading at
July Birthdays and Anniversaries
July Birthdays

1 Kyrie Oneal
3 Carol Phillips
9  Erin Hinojosa and Mike Smith
11 Kristen White-Barrett
16  Marge Kelly
19 Bobbie Vivian
21 Amy Richardson
22 Bryan Clark
23  Maggie Dutton
28 Jack Jackson; Devin and Deshawn Ruffin 
29 June Supersad
30  Susan Chavez and Carolyn Evans
31 Al Evans  

July Anniversaries

8  Stacy and Tony Fazio
21 Bobbie and Ron Vivian
31Elizabeth Davis-Russell and Thomas Russell
Did we overlook someone's birthday or anniversary for this month? Please let Marilyn ( and Lisa ( know so we can get you in next week. We never intend to leave anyone out.
eNews deadline is 10 a.m. Wednesdays

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