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This Weekly Update by the Illinois School and Campus Safety Program links to the report released by the FBI on Active Shooter Incidents in 2020, shares the U.S. Department of Education's latest volume of the ED COVID-19 Handbook, and provides information on pipeline safety.

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Laura Black
Program Coordinator
Illinois School and Campus Safety Program
FBI Releases Report on 2020 Active Shooter Incidents

The FBI has released its report on Active Shooter Incidents in the United States in 2020, designating 40 shootings as active shooter incidents. In the findings, Illinois had the second highest number of active shooter incidents, with 5 incidents. California had the highest number at 6 incidents. The in-depth report includes the frequency of incidents by month, day, time, and state, and also reports on casualty count, location, shooter gender, shooter age, and incident resolution. Lastly, the report provides a brief summary of each on the 40 incidents.
U.S. Dept of Education Releases Volume 3 of the ED COVID-19 Handbook

The U.S. Dept of Education has released Volume 3 - 2021 of the ED COVID-19 Handbook: Strategies for Safe Operation and Addressing the Impact of COVID-19 on Higher Education Students, Faculty, and Staff. According to the Dept. of Ed, "Volume 3 of the Handbook incorporated feedback from IHEs and over 40 organizations representing stakeholders and institutions across 15 listening sessions, and was developed in response to some of the most pressing questions the Department heard from colleges, students, families, educators, and others impacted by the pandemic. The Handbook incorporates a diversity of perspectives, experiences, and challenges facing our nation's postsecondary students."
Pipeline Safety

When considering school safety and hazard mitigation, it is important to consider any gas or hazardous liquid pipelines in your district. In order to help schools address pipeline safety, the School Pipeline Safety Partnership provides resources including brochures, learning modules, videos, access to maps, and more.
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