Foster long-term economic benefit
for Minnesota through value-added agricultural products.
30 Years of Heart and Soul
To mark its 30th anniversary, some of AURI’s longest-serving employees offer their insights into the organization’s evolution and offer a glimpse into the future.
Black Garlic
Black Garlic is emerging product that is gaining a foothold in the united states because of its unique gourmet flavor and health promoting properties. Read more about the increased demand and developing market for this new raw product.
Artisanal Dairy Food Safety Plan Coaching Workshop
Learn about preparing a Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) for dairy production and the best practices to monitor and control cheesemaking operations by attending the two-day Artisanal Dairy Food Safety Plan Coaching Workshop.   
Ag Innovation News
The newspaper is designed to make research and technical information easy to read and enjoyable for the average user. From an initial subscription list of 4,000, it has grown to reach more than 12,000 print and online readers every quarter, covering AURI’s work in the development of new food products, renewable energy, biobased products and new uses for agricultural coproducts.