Marcum's Nursery Is Proud To Present 
The 'Kelly Ray' PP24446
Ipomoea Sweet Potato Vine
Marcum's new recently patented plant was featured on the Martha Stewart Show for it's unique display of marbled purplish-black and vibrant lime green colors that look as if Jackson Pollock's paintbrush has been at work. Each new leaf's coloration (including its underside) remains a mystery as no two leaves are like. 
Available at both store locations!
Goldsby & OKC Store   
Growing For You!
New construction is underway at both locations, adding additional greenhouses,
and a new west entrance into the OKC storefront. 

Construction to be completed late fall of 2014. 
July Maintenance Guidelines
After years of working in the industry and building a nursery business around Oklahoma's inclement weather, we are suggesting the following maintenance guidelines:
 * Apply
Marcum's Slow Release 
18-6-12 fertilizer
to warm-season grasses if water is present for growth.
* Apply preventative white grub Hi-Yield Grub Free Zone from late June to mid-July.
* See Marcum's Nursery watering guidelines for plantings, trees, and shrubs.
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Chump's Chatter


The hot summer months are here! To help with your trees watering needs, Marcum's suggests adding a ________ watering bag during the hot and dry summer months. 


Answer: TreegatorĀ® watering bag



Yellow Nutsedge, also called Nutgrass,  is a warm season perennial weed that is very difficult to control. After one year, each tuber can create up to _____ plants and up to 6000 more tubers. We recommend Hi-Yield Nutsedge Control or Sedgehammer.
Answer:  2000

We're Here For You

Oklahoma City Store
2121 Southwest 119th  

OKC, OK 73170
(405) 691-9100


Goldsby Store
169 N Main Ave
Goldsby, OK 73093
(405) 288-2368


Summer Hours:


Oklahoma City Store:

Monday - Saturday 
8:30am - 6:00pm

Closed Sunday

Goldsby Store: 
Monday - Friday 
8am - 5:30pm
Saturday: 8am - 5pm

Closed Sunday

Closed Sundays
Beginning July  
Thanks for a great spring!
Both store locations will be closed Sundays through February.   
Featured Annual
The 'Kelly Ray', sport of the 'Ace of Spades' was found growing at Marcum's Nursery. This one of a kind sweet potato vine (named after the plant's founder) makes its way to the Martha Stewart Show.
Featured Tree
Chump's choice and Oklahoma proven year after year, the Crape Myrtle is one of our favorites. Its beautiful flowers showcase themselves from mid-June through late September. Choose from our many varieties as well as hues of pink, white, coral, and lavenders. 
Featured Product
This was Marcum's first fertilizer formulated by founder, Bill Marcum. This special blend is a slow release nitrogen that is great for trees, shrubs and lawns. It's Oklahoma proven and tested and an excellent choice for the summer months.


MeMo's Lemon Bars            Baked lemon bars sprinkled with powdered sugar.
Perfect for the impromptu backyard summer gathering and nothing says "summer" like the fresh taste of lemon!
Marvie's (fondly referred to as MeMo) lemon bar cookies make their way to numerous church potluck luncheons and family get-togethers in Perry, OK.