July 2019
"The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn" - Ralph Waldo Emerson
2019's Great American Tree
We are delighted to introduce 2019's Great American Tree... South Dakota's Rosa the Ponderosa Pine ! This tree embodies the American spirit with her resilience and stature. She is a testament to the ever-lasting legacy trees can leave on their community. Rosa has overcome many environmental changes and challenges throughout her 738 years. This tree has remained tall after a lightning strike, bug infestations, and the consequences of climate change. Her adaptations and resilience have taught scientists many things about landscape changes in her community. We still have a lot to learn from this magnificent tree!

We are also happy to announce "Pa Ingalls'" cottonwood trees, also in South Dakota, as our first runner up! Quamal, located in Olympic National Forest in northwestern Washington state and one of the largest Douglas firs , is our second runner up. Thanks for your nationwide participation in our 5th annual competition! Read more about these trees and all of our nominated trees here .
Land of the Free
We hope you had a happy and safe fourth of July. As we take time to celebrate our nation's freedom, we admire trees that align with our American ideals. Use your freedom of speech to promote forest & fire safety! Be a local advocate for forest health by striving to preserve and protect our nation's forests. How do you uphold this mission? Tweet us @plantyourlegacy #parkchat #americangrove.
Time for Trees Initiative
There have been many recent changes throughout the world. The landscapes have seen more chaotic shifts in weather patterns, more water pollution, and other global environmental health issues. The Arbor Day Foundation plans to tackle some of these issues through their Time for Trees initiative. By 2022, the Arbor Day Foundation's 150th birthday, they aim to plant 100 million trees around the globe!! Click here to learn more about this great cause and find ways you can get involved!

Petition for a New Special Day
The Virginia Urban Wood Group has an excellent idea for a new special designation day, National Urban Wood Day. There has been a significant influx of wood products and success in this sector. It is time for these products to be recognized on their own day! President Eisenhower signed a proclamation to recognize the value of American forests. This proclamation dedicated the third week of October as National Forest Products Week. The Virginia Wood group is petitioning to the American Wood Council to designate the last day of that week as Urban Wood Day. 

Individuals and groups interested in signing on to the petition can do so by contacting Joe Lehnen at joe.lehnen@dof.virginia.gov