July & August 2020
Onslow County Center
Planning your Fall Garden
by Emilee Morrison

This has been a whirlwind of a year and it's hard to believe we are starting to think about Autumn.
Now is the time to start planning for your fall vegetable garden!

One of the wonderful things about living in eastern NC is the long growing season. Since many of the planting dates overlap for both warm and cool season crops this will require additional planning on the gardener's part. For example, August is the time to plant a fall crop of tomatoes as well as leafy greens like chard and spinach

This overlap can present challenges, mainly the challenge of where to plant everything!
I grow most of my vegetables in containers, so I'm beginning to think about which containers will be freed up and when, so I can decide what I will plant in there next.

Whether or not you have this dilemma, it is important to start thinking about planting dates for this upcoming growing season.  A very helpful resource for gardeners in our area is the NC Cooperative Extension's Vegetable Planting Guide for Eastern North Carolina .
You can click here to access the planting guide or paste the link below in your internet browser: http://www.nccgp.org/images/uploads/resource_files/EasternNC_VegPlantingGuide.pdf

The key columns to look at are the
Fall Planting Date, Planting Type, Days to Harvest, Planting Depth, and Planting Space.

The Fall Planting Date is a range of time when it is appropriate to plant a certain crop.
The Planting Type indicates whether it is recommended to start with transplants or direct seed into the garden. The Days to Harvest may vary depending on which varieties of crops you plant, so make sure to read up on your specific varieties.
Planting depth and space may also vary depending on which varieties you plant, so again, make sure to pay attention to those recommendations. 

During this pandemic, many people have turned to gardening as an outlet.
I hope this continues well after we have found a vaccine and can return to some sense of normalcy.
Spending time outside has so many positive health benefits, and growing your own food can be very rewarding.

Have fun trying to grow new things and figuring out what works for you in your garden!

We are here to help!
July & August Tips and Tasks


Remember to water according to plant needs.
Vegetables and newly established plants require more frequent watering than established lawns and plants. Sandy soil requires more frequent watering than heavier soils. 

  • Mulch plants to conserve moisture, inhibit weeds and reduce disease




Virtual Junior Master Gardener Camp

The Onslow County Extension Horticulture and 4H Agents, staff, and Master Gardener Volunteers had been planning a week-long gardening camp for youth this summer.
Due to limitations on what types of programming we could do this summer, especially with youth, we decided to modify the summer camp to a virtual format that families could do from home.

Each day of the week had a theme:

Plant Propagation
Edible Gardening
Wildlife/ Pollinators

Each theme had two garden-related activities for youth to complete.
Staff members and Master Gardener Volunteers assembled kits for each activity, which included
seed balls, hydroponics ( growing plants in water ), vermicomposting ( composting with worms ), and more!
There were 33 youth from Onslow County and neighboring counties who participated.
Each day we broadcasted "how to" videos and offered interactive sessions over Zoom.

We hope to offer more garden-related programs for youth in the future!

Below are some photos highlighting what the youth completed during the camp. 




Upcoming Events

Until Phase 3, we will continue to hold most of our programming virtually.
Stay tuned for more information.

Are you interested in becoming a Master Gardener Volunteer?

The Onslow County Master Gardener Volunteers provide outreach and education to the residents of Onslow County using research-based gardening information. They also help maintain the Discovery Gardens, work with youth, provide outreach at public events, and are provided with exclusive training opportunities to learn more about horticulture topics. 

For more information about this program, contact Emilee Morrison at
(910) 455-5873, or emroz@ncsu.edu .

The next training course is scheduled to begin in January 2021

The Onslow County Farmers' Market has opened it's 2020 Season!

For more information on operation times, product availability, and vendor applications please 

Like their Facebook page: 
Visit their website: 

2020 Season
Saturday, April 18 - Nov 14
830am - 130pm
4024 Richlands Hwy, Jacksonville, NC
(Rain or Shine)

Tuesday, April 21- July 28
930am - 130pm
512 New Bridge St., Downtown Jacksonville, NC
(If weather permits)

Marie Bowman
Local Foods Coordinator
4024 Richlands Hwy, Jacksonville, NC
(910) 455-5873


Our North Carolina Cooperative Extension - Onslow County Center has started a hashtag 
#GrowOnslow to show our support of our Local Farmers, A griculture , Family and Consumer Education , 4-H & Youth Development , and  Community & Rural Development

Show your support by using  #GrowOnslow
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Do you live in Onslow County and have garden-related questions?
Are you wondering why your plants are not looking great, or maybe want to know what a certain weed is?

The Plant Clinic is a free service through the NC Cooperative Extension and staffed by Extension Master Gardener Volunteers. The physical clinic is currently closed to the public , but questions are being answered!

Let us know how we can help by:

1. Call  910-455-5873 
*Due to COVID-19 our Master Gardeners are temporarily out of the office*

2.Visit us online at  http://onslow.ces.ncsu.edu
While you are there, you can post your questions to be answered by email using the "Ask an Expert' widget ( in the upper left hand corner).

3.  Email a Master Gardener your questions or sample photos at  onslowplantclinic@gmail.com

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Agriculture - Horticulture
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