July/August 2020
We're still here for you!
Virtual Services

We are still doing our services through virtual sessions. While we agree it is not the ideal way to interact with people, we feel it is best to proceed with caution as we continue serving the disability community. Don't hesitate to reach and ask us any questions you may have.
a screenshot from a zoom meeting with 7 screens, teacher dan klink in the top middle center.  the other boxes are students and Jackson city's Mayor Derek Dobies
YLAA 2020

This year's summer session of the Youth Leadership Advocacy Academy came to a conclusion recently. The six week course was a great experience and they made the best of the opportunity. Students interacted through a curriculum that provided a broader understanding of what it means to be a person with a disability in 2020, while also acknowledging where we came from and the struggles/advancements that have been involved over time.
across the top in purple and red  colors it says census 2020.  Similar colors line the sides to look like splashes.  in the center of the post is an outline of Michigan that is filled with text saying win 1 of 3 $100 gift cards. learn more on our website
Census Ends in September

Originally scheduled to conclude on October 31st, the new official cut off date is now September 30th. If you have not completed your survey, please do so. It cannot be stated enough how important the census is to our local funding and getting appropriate resource allocation. We want to thank those of you with disabilities that have completed your survey and have created a giveaway for an opportunity at 1 of 3 $100 Meijer gift cards. For the full details follow the link below.
cartoon image with green hilltops and a few trees there is a walking-biking path going over the hills
Trails are all Around Us

There are great biking, walking, riding, running, and scenic parks and trails throughout our Tri-County area and the state. Before the Fall chill begins to settle in (it's coming sooner than many want!), check out our county parks and also the many (accessible) trails that are available. Maybe begin scoping out great locations for when the leaves begin to change colors and help paint our environment with a wide range of reds, yellows, and oranges.
Access For All

Don't forget about the completely free phone app; Access For All. Available for Apple and Android in their respective app stores. Simply search where you want to go or do and locations that have been surveyed will provide you information regarding how accessible the parking, entrance, seating, and restrooms will be.
YOUR VOTE COUNTS is spelled out on a button meant for jackets and clothing to support voting.  it i divided into 3 even colors red up top white in middle and blue on the bottom
Your Vote. Your Voice.

The November elections are fast approaching in case you haven't noticed the increased ads and phone calls. For people with disabilities, as a member of one of the largest minorities in America, approximately 20% of Americans have a disability, it is important to be involved with decisions that will have an impact on you. Do your due diligence and get information important for you. We have some resources you can use to find out about getting registered, absentee voting, candidates, policies, poling locations, and voter rights.