Which CSR Study Section Should I Request to Review My SBIR/STTR Proposal?
NIH gives you the option of determining the most appropriate CSR Study Section to review your proposal. How do you determine which Study Section is the best one for you? 

N IH's Center For Scientific Review (CSR) is the single receiving point for all NIH applications. CSR assigns applications to the Scientific Review Group  (aka "Study Section") deemed most aligned with the content of your research proposal. Recurring Special Emphasis Panels (SEPs) review SBIR/STTR applications, and the reviewers generally make a three year commitment to be available for a Study Section. Accordingly, a panel in one cycle generally contains quite a few members from the previous cycle.  A listing of the Study Sections for the previous three SBIR review cycles is available on CSR's website.

Look at the Study Section(s) that seem most appropriate for your technology. Although the make-up of your panel will not be identical, there will be some overlap.  Read on

Policies & Procedures: Essential for a Strong Company
Most Policies & Procedures (P&P) manuals sit in a corner collecting dust and are pulled out only as a reference of last resort. But take note, SBIR/STTR applicants and awardees, agencies expect you to have P&Ps in place to serve as your bible for managing your funds and activities. And practically speaking, if you ever need to defend an action, behavior or practice, "If it isn't written, it didn't happen!"

So how do you get started drafting your P&P? Like most things, it's best to start with the basics. Get your goal/mission down in writing and list the roles and responsibilities of each employee of your company. Then outline the possible sections of your P&P manual; things like:
  • Accounting - Describe the various aspects of your accounting system and how each will be handled. This includes things like cost types and monitoring, financial capabilities and reporting, procurement, payroll, accounts receivable and payable, etc.* Labor - How are timesheets prepared and reviewed? Who explains time keeping to new employees? Who prepares payroll?
  • Employee Leave - What is your policy on paid time off, holidays, vacation and sick leave? Is vacation accrued, use it or lose it, paid upon termination?
  • Travel - How is company travel managed? What is the mileage rate for use of personal vehicles? Do you have company credit cards? What is your policy on flight allowances and rental car use?
  • Misconduct - Describe your company's policy on confidentiality and how to go about reporting breaches, steps for handling and resolving allegations, as well as reporting to the Office of Research Integrity

You will also need policies on contract management, emergencies, security, research protection (use of animals and humans), etc.


Clearly written and reasonable policies and procedures help management: Read on


More Funding Opportunities
Posted/Due Date
Air Force Materiel Command
Next Generation Software Defined Radio Frequency (SDRF++) Capability
Posted: 6/29/17


Development of a Device to Objectively Measure Pain (R41/R42)
Posted: 7/ 12/17
Due: 12/5/17

National Shipbuilding Research Program 
Research, development and implementation of best practices in the U.S. Shipbuilding and repair enterprise
Closes 9/14

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Pre-release Aug. 25; Opens Sept. 26; closes Oct. 26

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NASA Note: 
The 2018 NASA SBIR/STTR Solicitation will be released early next year instead of November when the Solicitation is typically made available. The Solicitation will include two NASA programs with separate research areas under which small business concerns are invited and encouraged to submit proposals.