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July & August 2019 | Eastern Currents e-Newsletter | Issue 42
Dear Practitioners,
It is time for our industry to stand up and demand that a review be done to reverse a decision that has been made by Health Canada about moxa that will negatively impact practitioners and patients. 

Eastern Currents has been importing moxa in all its various forms for over 24 years. Recently, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) conducted a standard examination of one of our shipments. The official conducting the review was uncertain how to classify the moxa products in our shipment and decided to contact Health Canada for guidance...  
Downward Pressure on Professional-Use Products
In 2004, when the Natural Health Product Regulations (NHPRs) came into effect, Health Canada officials assured stakeholders who were selling to health practitioners only that there would be additional regulations to address this category of Professional-Use Products. 
The current regulations are geared to managing risks of over-the-counter (OTC) natural products... 
Heart Felt Summer Fun
from Golden Flower Chinese Herbs
It is in the nature of the heart to want to experience the world. Summer is the season of the heart and the season for travel. Take advantage of the summer energetics to strengthen your heart and be prepared for the challenges that can arise while travelling.
Summer Shipping Sale!
Free Shipping on Online Orders over $100
This summer, when you shop online, you'll get free standard shipping to Canadian addresses on all orders over $100 (after discounts & before tax). Enjoy lower shipping minimums until August 31 for all online orders!
Sale prices are in effect from July 1 - August 31, 2019.
Save 25% on Awake and Asleep Adaptogen Formulas
Energy, alertness and restorative sleep, all in natural balance!
Developed by Naturopathic Doctor Pushpa Chandra, the Awake and Asleep formulations are packed with powerful, time-tested adaptogens. ​Designed as an overall anti-aging protocol for boomers to help with mental clarity, energy and physical well-being, or for those who want to feel rejuvenated, restored and refreshed naturally.

As a combined therapy, Awake and Asleep can help reset circadian rhythm. Ideal for shift workers, travellers, students cramming for exams and anyone who works unsociable hours.
Save 20% on NEW Fascia Buddy Silicone Facial Cups
Facial cups are available in two sizes:
18mm opening (cup A)
8mm opening (cup B)
Fascia Buddy Facial Silicone Cups offer the user more control over the suction of delicate facial tissues. By utilizing a balloon-style cavity versus the standard cone-style cavity, the user has more compressible air volume to create more refined levels of suction. This additional control is exactly what a practitioner wants when cupping over delicate areas. 

The cups are translucent so you can see the change of the skin from the outside of the cup to gauge tissue reaction. They are also pliable to allow for easy changing of the suction area to accommodate bony or narrow surfaces.
Customer Survey - Coming soon!
It's that time of year again! Every summer we send you a survey so we can learn what we can do to make your experience shopping with us even better!

Watch your inbox in early July for your chance to participate and win some great prizes!