The Scroll - July/August 2019
Adat Shalom Reconstructionist Congregation  

Calendar of Services - July/August 2019
Parasha - Hukkat
Shabbat Morning Service
Rabbi Hazzan Rachel and Friends

Parasha - Balak
Shabbat Morning Service

Rabbi Fred and Rabbi Hazzan Rachel 

Parasha - Pinchas
Shabbat Morning Service 
Rabbi Fred and Friends

Parasha - Matot
Shabbat Morning Service
Rabbi Fred and Friends

Parasha - Masei 
Shabbat Morning Service Rabbi Fred and Friends

Parasha - Devarim
Shabbat Morning Service Rabbi Hazzan Rachel and Friends

Parasha - Vaetchanan
Shabbat Morning Service Rabbi Fred and Rabbi Hazzan Rachel 

Parasha - Ekev
Shabbat Morning Service Rabbi Fred and Rabbi Hazzan Rachel 

Parasha - Re'eh, Rosh Chodesh Elul

Shabbat Morning Service

Facility Staff Appreciation Oneg!
Rabbi Fred and Friends
Shabbat Specials 
Shabbat - Independence Weekend, July 6th
9:30am -  Contemplative chanting and morning prayers
10:15am -Torah Readings and Honors
11:00am - Closing prayers
11:15am - Torah discussion - Parashat Hukkat: "Saving Face"
12:00pm - Kiddush and Motzi
Special aliyah and farewell to Camp Havaya teens traveling to Israel!

Friday, July 12th - Click here to see the Facebook link to Lights for Liberty.
From the Office
Renewal statements will be e-mailed and mailed out this month. They will be coming from "DoNotReply@Plug-n-Pay"; please be mindful that this is our bookkeeping tool that allows you to pay directly online. Members who wish to receive paper statements should contact the office. Members who wish to pay via payment plan, please complete the ACH form. We ask that all members create a payment plan (in full, quarterly, or monthly) by September 1If making payments by check, please "Mind the Memo" and indicate what you are paying. This is very helpful for both our bookkeepers and staff.
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Yahrzeit Tsuris?  We are aware that a variety of issues have cropped up surrounding the Yahrzeit notices that are sent to congregants as well as the announcements of Yahrzeits from the Bimah each Shabbat. As we continue to work on resolving these issues, please do not hesitate to contact us if an error has been made that has impacted you. And, please know that we sincerely regret the distress that this has caused and apologize for same.   

We wish you all a Happy 4th of July Celebration! Please note the office will be closed.
Days of Awe Choir Recruitment!
Would you like to make beautiful music with fellow Adat Shalomers? Rehearsals will be on Sunday afternoons and evenings in the Synagogue's Sanctuary starting on August 18. No audition is required, but previous choral singing is a bonus! If you would like to participate, or have any questions, please contact Choir Director Lisa Sommers at 202-215-9657. 
Days of Awe 5780 - at Adat Shalom! 
As you may have heard, our 5780 Days of Awe Services will be HERE at Adat Shalom! In August, our newly updated website,, will have information on tickets, parking options, service information, children's programming, and more. 
J E W I S H   S T U D I E S 

Summer Learning with Idan

July 13 - Fauda! Israeli TV and Society at 1:00 PM in the Library
Join Idan as we experience 3 different aspects of Israel through popular TV Shows, discuss the show and the culture of Israel! This time: Israeli-Palestinian relations through the extremely popular show Fauda!

July 20 - Picnic on the Porch Series! at 12:30 PM
Join Idan during oneg for some lunch and Hebrew. This week: Sounds goodHebrew through songs!

July 27 - Picnic on the Porch Series continues at 12:30 PM
Join Idan during oneg for some lunch and Hebrew. This time: Hashem Sheli - How to start a conversation in Hebrew, learn the basics!
Torah School Update and Registration!
Change is coming to our Torah School! Join us in welcoming Rena Milchberg, our new Interim Education Coordinator! Click here to read more about Rena.

If you have not already done so, Torah School registration and payment in full is due by July 15
S O C I A L   A C T I O N 
Monthly Volunteer Opportunities
Shepherds' Table in Silver Spring at 9:30 AM
Second Sunday, July 14th August 11th 
Contact  Steve Parker for more information!
Manna Food Packing 
Third Tuesday, July 18th, August 15th
Contact  Rena Milchberg with questions. 

This year, we will once again serve three meals a day to the residents of the Rockville Women's Shelter (formerly known as CBS). We will begin with dinner on Sunday August 18 and finish the week with lunch on Friday August 23.   Volunteers are needed to serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
We are looking for volunteers for Sunday August 18 and Tuesday August 20.  Contact Debbie Tipton.
Y  O  U  N  G    F  A  M  I  L  I  E  S

Shomrim and Oneg Update 
Help make Adat Shalom safe and secure for all. Join Shay HaLevi for our Shomrim training, July 14th or July 28th. Click here to register. 

At least 1 member of a weekly Oneg crew must have completed this training! Do you still need to register for an oneg? Do that here.
Anniversaries, Yahrzeits, and Contributions

Click here to see who is celebrating!
Thank you to our friends and family who have donated. 

Karen and Barry Fierst are pleased to announce the birth of their third grandchild! Alma Fierst was born on June 1st, to their son and daughter-in-law, Shai Fierst and Paola Buitrago.
Save the Date! 
Tisha B'Av: Saturday night August 10 - Evening prayers, havdalah and the Scroll of Lamentations - ancient texts with modern resonance.  Each year, we turn to the memory of the Jerusalem Temple laid waste by outside adversaries, reflect on our own inner "senseless hatred" and allow ourselves to mourn as a community for the traumas of the past and present.  

Sunday, August 11 - Tisha B'Av, The Mourning After - Facing Crisis Together at 9:30 AM
Learning with Rabbi Avi Strausberg, local director of Hadar.  As we move into the full day of the holiday, we turn from mourning to appreciation of the new systems and technologies developed by our early rabbinic sages, namely the Mishna and Gemara, the major components of the Talmud.   In honor of our resilience to rise out of the ashes of destruction and invent something new, R. Avi will explore rabbinic responses to crisis, specifically looking at how different Jewish sages responded to the fall of the Temple.

Monday, September 2nd - Haberman Institute for Jewish Studies' Fall Day of Learning with Doctor Jodi Magness  Speaking on her latest book, Masada: From Jewish Revolt to Modern Myth, Dr. Magness will share new insights on this legendary tale, and also take us on an archaeological journey including examining the Dead Sea Scrolls and the ancient synagogue at Huqoq.  Specializing in the archaeology of ancient Palestine (modern Israel, Jordan, and the Palestinian territories) in the Roman, Byzantine, and early Islamic periods, her research interests include Jerusalem, Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls, ancient synagogues, Masada, the Roman army in the East, and ancient pottery - many of which she will share with our community this coming Labor Day!
Saturday night, September 21, 7:30pm-10:00pm - S'lichot Homecoming with Noa Baum
S'lichot, the final gathering in preparation for the Days of Awe, will be back in our own home this year and, weather permitting, outdoors with singing, havdalah and our own master storyteller, Noa Baum.  Adat Shalomers of ALL AGES are welcome and warmly invited.  We'll open the evening with modern songs of return, homecoming and t'shuvah (spiritual realignment), hear Noa's wonderful stories, share in a musical havdalah and close with seasonal spiritual chants and a final shofar blast.  Bring your friends - all are welcome. 
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