July 2018 Board Update
Naramata Centre Societ

July 2018 Board of Directors Update
The Naramata Centre Society Board of Directors met Friday evening and Sunday of the June 22-24 weekend. Our primary focus on Saturday was celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Centre and its predecessor: The Naramata Christian Leadership Training School. Watch for an update about the 70th anniversary soon!

An important part of the weekend was also thanking those board members who were leaving the board and electing new and returning board members at the AGM.

General update
This year we hired three new year-round staff on one- and two-year contracts to build our capacity and prepare for the future. We welcomed Dennis Hixson, Managing Director; Charmaine Pearce, Program Manager; and Tanya Eckenswiller, Office Administrator. (See previous newsletters for details.) Although this will lead to a small deficit this year, the board believes it is essential to have this group of year-round staff in place to build our programs and revenues for the future. Through grant funding, we have also hired seven interns for the summer.

Our current financial picture presented at the AGM shows that in 2016 and 2017 the Centre had a small cash surplus each year, thanks to the tremendous efforts of volunteers, donors, contractors and short-term staff. Those surplus funds will assist with maintenance and future development of the Centre.

At the AGM we let those present know that the Executive of the BC Conference of the United Church has advised Naramata Centre Society of the need to initiate interest payments on our BC Conference loan in 2019. In 2020, we expect that a new loan agreement will be developed that sees the Centre paying principal and interest on the loan if it has not been paid off through land sales.

We thank BC Conference for their continued support of the Centre with grants in lieu of interest on the loan since 2013. Without these grants the Centre would not have survived.

Land Sales
In November 2017, we informed the development community that the Society would accept expressions of interest (EOI) to purchase and develop part of the Society's lands. Funds received from the sale will, in part, be used to pay off BC Conference debt, replace the aging septic system and make necessary repairs to the buildings we would retain.

We reported to those gathered that we are working through the details, and at this time we are unable to share information about land sales.

Board Member Changes
We thanked outgoing Board members for all of their outstanding contributions, which include but are not limited to: Pam Rinehart (Vice-chair, Policy, Fundraising, Business Planning), Barb Hatfield (Program Committee Co-chair, frequent Opening, Closing and Worship leader for Board meetings) Glen Timbers (Strategic planning, Site maintenance), Sarah Thomas (Job descriptions, Grant writing, Policy).

We also welcomed and elected new Board members and the skills they bring: Greg Best, Rob Black, Rev. Bill Booth, Kathy Hamilton, and Clare O'Kelly. 

Board members Jenne Newman, Sarah Vollett and Doug Woollard were re-elected for second three-year terms. Jim Simpson, who joined the Board earlier this year, was also elected.


We are excited about the programs we are offering this summer. Registration is up on a year-over-year comparison to last year and some programs are now full with waiting lists and others are filling. To check out our programs and register, click here. Help us make this a very successful year!

This is your Centre and we thank all who attend programs and/or stay on-site, volunteer their time, and/or donate to the Centre.  Whether you are a participant in a program, come from afar to stay on site, a local volunteer, a donor or all of these things, we appreciate your participation and support in keeping the Centre alive and growing!

Come and join us this summer or fall. We have come a long way in the past three years and your participation will keep the Centre strong and thriving!


Doug Woollard
Naramata Centre Society Board Chair


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