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One Last Lie
Maine's Mike Bowditch
Virtual Book Launch July 1 with Tess Gerritsen

Virtual Event July 3

The Mountains Wild
Our July Historical Fiction Book of the Month
in stock now

Kate Burkholder
A Real Thriller
Virtual Book Launch
July 6

Virtual  Book Launch
July 7

on sale June 30
Virtual Event July 8

Andy Carpenter & Canines
Virtual Event July 8

A signed copy from The Pen is your ticket to the Virtual Book Launch July 14
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Of Mutts and Men
Chet and Bernie
Virtual Event July 16

Scot Harvath
Virtual Book Launch July 20

Peace Talks
Harry Dresden
Virtual Event July 21

due in mid July

Jasper Fforde
Signed UK edition
only 3 remain to order

Sister Fidelma
Due end of July or early August

A haunted house
modern Gothic
in stock now

The Last Flight
Our July First Mystery Book of the Month
already a bestseller

Poke Rafferty/Bangkok

only 3 copies
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in stock now

Signed by Diana with a special recipe card

Series start set in Ireland
in stock now

Always the Last to Know
June 11 2:00 PM
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Riley Ellison
in stock now

The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes series
in stock now

My Pick for best June seaside thriller
in stock now

Mary Russell, Holmes, Mrs. Hudson
Imagine summer in 1925 on the Riviera with artists, writers, displaced Russian artistocrats, and a killer
in stock now

Tom Clancy/Jack Ryan Jr
Visit Barcelona!
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Ali Reynolds
in stock now
Our copies come with exclusive extra material
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Sunny Randall
now in stock
An Oxford Mystery
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Savage Son
James Reece #3
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I like this comment on the value of independent bookstores:

Booksellers use curation better than any other retailer I have studied: In fact, it's a term you were using well before it became ubiquitous in retail. The idea that you would carefully select for a customer a perfect book, the one they can't find on the New York Times bestseller list.... This is actually one of the things that helps you compete with the algorithm, that missed human connection. Convening: You have been able to exchange ideas and create places for conversation."

Right now we are using all our channels for furthering discovery, conversation, and reading books as transportive, informative, and offering connection and entertainment. And a way to travel in place and time.

These include Podcasts  YouTube  Facebook  Instagram and Twitter and more short book chats or pitches on IGTV which is an Instagram platform you can view.

Lesa does a wonderful job of discovery and recommendation in our Blog bringing in lots of authors for more discovery and recommendations.

And you can find Staff Picks and more in our  Webstore
We do rely on your purchases to fund this range of activities. But we think of them as a service to authors too, something to share and expand

Here's Maurice hard at work at delivering books to you. The books on the cart are all from one virtual event. You can see why we ask for your patience--the books had to go from the publisher to the author, from the author to us, and now from us to you.

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The July Booknews

Here is the link to the July Booknews

Here is the link to the June Booknews in case you want to review for anything

I list the July Paperback Picks below. We will have these and the Staff Picks up for the weekend.

I also list the July Books of the Month below. They also appear on our home page
Some Virtual Oops....
To do a complicated Virtual Events program demands flexibility and a sense of humor--and adventure!

Not everyone has enough bandwidth for a good connection.

Sometimes pets get into the room. No children so far...

Time zones are a huge challenge. I'm fascinated to discover the different ways we think about what time it is where we are...and where everyone else is. This is especially evident when hosting international authors, or blending them with US residents.

Sometimes unforeseen challenges arise on the tech side (we are learning as we go)

For our International Trio, one author, nameless, invited Facebook Friends to join in so they kept popping up on screen. It was like a game of whack-a-mole... (Patrick has now learned a Zoom lockout feature). Hence the false start for our otherwise delightful time with Tim Hallinan, Ragnar Jonasson, and Jeff Siger. Enjoy the video keeping this in mind as we reboot the start.

Then at 4:00 with bibiophile Nick Basbanes, Patrick accidentally sent the program to our staff page instead of to Facebook. So there went your chance for questions and comments.

Rob salvaged the whole from the Zoom recording and it is now posted on Facebook with all the visuals that Nick prepared for his talk. We're very sorry you who might have wanted to question him in his role as expert collector were disappointed. I'll see if we can do an event with him just on bilblio matters in say September 
More New Podcasts
There are even  more new podcasts up. We can see you are enjoying them. Lots of conversations here!

For those who prefer not to stare at a screen but would like to enjoy our conversations with authors, these are for you.

Visit our new Podcasts Easy download links are provided. They are also available on ITunes and Google Music

Don't forget to search for a favorite author. There are many of them, often frequent visitors to The Pen, but some new to us.

New: Diana Gabaldon reading from Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone; Megan Miranda & Riley Sager; Lynne Constantine & Julie Clark; Tim Hallinan, Ragnar Jonasson, Jeffrey Siger; and for 1 1/2 hours, a wonderful time with bibliophile Nicholas Basbanes also talkig about the poet Longfellow

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Our July Books of the Month

The Crime Book of the Month One Signed hardcover First per month
(We renamed the Crime Collectors Book of the Month to this shorter title)

Still working on this selection for July
British Crime Book of the Month One unsigned hardcover or paperback per month
Feeney, Alice. His & Hers
Cozy Crimes Book of the Month One unsigned hardcover or paperback per month
Gerber, Daryl. A Sprinkling of Murder
Fantastic New Fiction Book of the Month  One Signed hardcover First per month
[Fantastic = fabulous, not fantasy]
Farmer, Edward A. Pale
First Mystery Book of the Month Club  One Signed hardcover First per month
Clark, Julie. The Last Flight -- already a NY Times bestseller
Historical Fiction Club  One Signed hardcover First per month
Wade, James.  All Things Left Wild
International Crime Book of the Month One Unsigned hardcover or paperback per month
Perrin, Valérie. Fresh Water for Flowers
SciFi/Fantasy Book of the Month One hardcover or paperback per month signed when possible. Our July Pick is by an NZ author and not signed.

Still time to sign up for the rest of 2020

Note: going forward with July joining a club means your book will ship separately from any other orders, and Free.

Please email for details and to renew or sign up. 

Our July Paperback Picks

Barr, Nevada. What Rose Forgot
Betley, Matthew. Rules of War
Finder, Joseph. House on Fire
Hall, Rachel Howzell. They All Fall Down
Hendricks, Greer. The Wife Between Us
Koepp, David. Cold Storage
Lee, Patrick. Dark Site
Unger, Lisa. The Stranger Inside
Clayton, Meg. The Last Train to London
Delaney JP. The Perfect Wife
Gerber, Daryl Wood. A Sprinkling of Murder
Goldin, Megan. The Escape Room
Lovesey, Peter. Killing with Confetti
Robinson, Maggie. Just Make Believe
Sáenz, Eva Garcia. The Silence of the White City
Willig, Lauren.  The Summer Country
Wilson, Andrew. I Saw Him Die

Paul Doiron 
His Virtual Book Launch in conversation with Tess Gerritsen
Tonight 5:00 PM
THURSDAY JULY 2 5:00 PM Virtual Book Launch
Two authors from Maine together

Paul Doiron's  new Mike Bowditch Maine thriller is
One Last Lie (Minotaur $27.99) Signed books available

Let me start by saying that any reader of CJ Box and Randy Wayne White should order this book immediately . You can explore the wilds of the Everglades (the python!) and the wilds of northern Maine where poachers run rampant back and forth over the border which is heavily patrolled now (think Joe Pickett here). And Maine Warden Investigator Mike Bowditch, with police powers, is working a cold case off the grid (OK, not Nate Romanowski but then, something of his style).

Bowditch is doing a new hire evaluation down in Florida and has time to join his ex, Stacy, on a python hunt. Wheelchair-bound Ora Stevens calls to say that Bowditch's mentor and father figure, her elderly husband Charley, is missing. Without explanation or contacts. Catching a flight back to Maine, Mike begins an off-the-radar-from-the-Warden-Service investigation. It takes him into the state's northern riverside border where Acadians of the St. John Valley, separated by the artificial national border, form a closed community. A Warden went undercover there 15 years back, infiltrating a ruthless gang of poachers, mostly run by a father and two sons. Charley ended up killing the father in the manhunt that followed the officer's exposure. Is a badge Charley spotted very recently at a flea market what touched off his disappearance? And does it connect to that old situation? And if so, who besides the villagers is covering up secrets? Some fellow Wardens? 

I completely agree with this  PW Starred Review: "Edgar finalist Doiron artfully blends a whodunit plot with superior characterizations in his top-notch 11th mystery featuring Mike Bowditch....Doiron vividly portrays the Maine woods setting while maintaining taut suspense. This entry reinforces the author's position in the front rank of regional thriller writers." 

Gerritsen, Tess.  The Shape of Night (9.99)

I love this coastal Maine Gothic with its fabulous house being rented as a summer writer's retreat, its apparently helpful neighbors, the heroine who should be acknowledging trauma... and is there a serial killer in this mix? This is a great summer read. 
A Trio of Debuts
Edward A Farmer
Kimicho Guthrie
James Wade
Friday 4:00 PM

What a way to kick off the holiday weekend! Meeting three new authors, all acclaimed, is its own kind of fireworks!

Edward A. Farmer discusses Pale (Blackstone $26.99)

"The plot and writing are evocative of the work of the late Ernest Gaines; it's a story simply and directly told, and by that simplicity and directness it exposes familial cruelties and kindnesses in equal measure. This is a promising beginning for a writer who, whether he realizes it or not, continues a rich and lyrical narrative tradition. A beautiful first novel."--  LJ Starred Review for our
July Fantastic New Fiction Book of the Month

Secrets and revenge haunt a Mississippi plantation in this potent debut novel. Bernice takes a job as a servant in the Kern household to find stability and a place with her brother when she was otherwise alone. Jesse and Fletcher, the two sons of fellow servant Silva, arrive to work the cotton harvest in the summer of 1966, and the Missus sees an opportunity to repay old wounds. Flirting with Jesse is only the beginning of a plan that will destroy families. Bernice struggles to discover the roots of the Missus's anger while shielding those that she cares for as much as possible. Pale is a spare book, full of characters that do not give up their secrets easily. 

The world is changing as the civil rights movement surges across the country, but at the Kern plantation, young men ask what makes them different from slaves. Missus's revenge is for wrongs a generation old, and its aftermath will stretch into the next. Although this is a brief book, Farmer takes his time setting out the methods by which characters will destroy each other over the course of years. Small, cruel truths slowly come out. Readers will hang on each page, just as Bernice feels bound to stay until the story is done. This intergenerational story of racism, patriarchy and vengeance is one that will not soon be forgotten.

Kimicho Guthrie discusses Block Seventeen (Blackstone $26.99)

A twenty-first-century ghost story offers chills in this promising debut, a "moving, compelling novel about intergenerational trauma and a woman's process of integrating the various known and mysterious threads of her identity. 

The narrator, Jane (birth name Akiko), is the daughter of a woman who spent part of her childhood in Japanese internment camps. As the story moves back and forth between the contemporary Bay Area and the camps of the 1940s, we come to understand the tragedies that are passed down through a family, even unarticulated, which shape and, often, contaminate the present. Each of the three women in the book -Jane, her mother, her grandmother - searches for ways to evade unbearable loss, each in her separate context.  Kimiko Guthrie has written a book in which what seems like surrealism or even magical realism can be understood as the efforts of troubled souls to make sense of experiences that cannot be rationally explained; in light of what is gradually learned about Jane's family history, these experiences reveal themselves to be fragments of a painful collective and personal legacy.

James Wade discusses All Things Left Wild  (Blackstone $27.99)
Our Historical Fiction Book of the Month for July

Wade's violent and transfixing debut follows teenage Caleb Bentley and his no-good older brother, Shelby, through the turn-of-the-20th-century southwest, where they are on the run after stealing horses and killing a young boy in the process. 

Caleb and Shelby are pursued by dandified rancher Randall Dawson, pushed by his wife into getting revenge for the death of their son, Henry. But Randall, a poet by inclination, is unsuited for such a mission of vengeance. Fortunately, he is helped by single-minded Charlotte Washington, a black woman who is good with a gun. They are joined by Henry's ranch hand friend Tadpole and an orphaned youth they find in an abandoned town. The Bentley brothers reluctantly join the Lobos, a band of outlaws led by a charismatic but volatile ex-Ranger named Grimes, from whom Caleb tries to rescue a Mexican girl Grimes plans to marry. And with Charlotte, Randall finds love and a courage he never knew he possessed as the two groups converge on one another for a blood-soaked climax. 

"The author takes a classic western setup and refreshes it with sharp writing, strong characterizations, a vivid evocation of place, and a body count to rival The Wild Bunch. Fans of All the Pretty Horses will want to saddle up for this literary ride."-PW

Signed books available for all three authors

Closed Saturday and Sunday
Enjoy a Safe Fourth

Linda Castillo
Amish Country
Monday 6:00 PM
Virtual Book Launch
MONDAY JULY 6 6:00 PM Virtual Book Launch
Linda Castillo signs  Outsider (St Martins $27.99_
Signed books in stock. On sale Tuesday.

Always one to push the envelope with what is at heart a small Ohio town police procedural series set in Amish country, Castillo pens a pure thriller here that allows much of Kate Burkholder's own backstory in. 

What we have is a hard-bitten woman police officer from Columbus who exercises a late-night escape plan to escape execution by corrupt colleagues. A staggering blizzard helps her but as she heads out she enters Holmes County and realizes the only person she can think to trust, a fellow trainee back in their police academy days, might be her salvation. But her car wrecks and hurt, she's taken in by a widower Amish farmer with children. And Adam calls in Kate Burkholder, that fellow trainee, who recognizes Gina Colorosa. Gina's ambition caused a rift, and now her baggage is heavy, but she convinces Kate with her tale of dirty cops. And Kate in turn calls in Tomasetti. Meanwhile those bad actor cops are determined to wipe out Gina and anyone around her.... 

As I said it's a nail biting thriller. Fans of Kate will be pleased to add new dimensions to her character and story.

Tickets for Two
TUESDAY JULY 14 4:30 (7:30 ET) Virtual Book Launch
Please join The Poisoned Pen in partnership with Harper Collins to celebrate the launch of The Order (Harper $29.99) with Daniel Silva and CNN Special Correspondent Jamie Gangel in a conversation!
To join us, please purchase a copy--  Signed copies while they last, one per customer. Additional unsigned copies are available.

Once you make your purchase you will receive the confirmation for your purchase which will include a link and password to attend this special Daniel's home

So new this is not yet on our Calendar

UK author Mark Billingham in conversation with Lee Child

To attend this special event, you must purchase a copy of Billingham's Cry Baby (Grove Atlantic $26), a prequel to the hugely successful London copper Tom Thorne series, from The Pen

Your purchase means you will receive an invitation to the event shortly beforehand

If you have not read Tom Thorne, this is the perfect chance.

Attendees will be able to ask questions of both authors with the Zoom chat feature.
ThrillerFest 2020 

Check out the International Thriller Writers fabulous virtual  THRILLERFEST  with loads of author pairing up for conversation, writing advice, and much more. 

It might be your best investment of the summer.

Our July Calendar
 please keep checking
Ellie Alexander chats with John about 
Abby Collette signs A Deadly Scoop (Berkley $16)
Paul Doiron chats with Tess Gerritsen about his new Mike Bowditch Maine thriller One Last Lie (Minotaur $27.99)
Signed books available. Please order quickly to secure yours

FRIDAY JULY 3 4:00 PM Meet New Authors
A trio of notable debut novels
Edward A. Farmer discusses  Pale (Blackstone $26.99)
Our July Fantastic New Fiction Book of the Month
Kimicho Guthrie discusses  Block Seventeen (Blackstone $26.99)
James Wade discusses  All Things Left Wild (Blackstone $27.99)

MONDAY JULY 6 6:00 PM Virtual Book Launch
Linda Castillo signs Outsider (St Martins $27.99_
Signed books available. Please order quickly to secure yours
Mark Bowden, the bestselling author of Blackhawk Down and other work  chats with Patrick about The Case of the Vanishing Blonde and Other True Crime Stories (Grove $27)
Signed books available
Beatriz Williams chats about Her Last Flight (Harper $27.99), a thriller drawing inspiration from the life of Amelia Earhart
Signed books available
David Rosenfelt chats about Muzzled (St Martins $27.99), an Andy Carpenter thriller
Signed books available

TUESDAY JULY 14 4:30 (7:30 ET) Virtual Book Launch
Please join The Poisoned Pen in partnership with Harper to celebrate the launch of The Order (Harper $29.99) with Daniel Silva and CNN Special Correspondent Jamie Gangel in a conversation!
To join us, please purchase a copy of    The Order (Harper $29.99).
Signed copies while they last, one per customer. Additional unsigned copies are available.
Once you make your purchase you will receive the confirmation for your purchase which will include a link and password to register for this special event on Crowdcast.

Jeff Abbott discusses  Never Ask Me (Grand Central $27)
Ellison Cooper discusses Cut to the Bone (St Martins $27.99)
Glen Erik Hamilton discusses A Dangerous Breed (Harper $27.99)
Signed books available for all three
Ace Atkins discusses The Revelators (Putnam $27)
Each of our copies includes a Quinn Colson bumper sticker from Atkins
J Todd Scott discusses Lost River (Putnam $27)
Signed books available for both
Spencer Quinn discusses Of Mutts and Men (Forge $26.99)
Signed books available

Camilla Lackberg joins us from Sweden to discuss 
The Golden Cage (Knopf $26.95)

Australian Author Anna Downes discusses The Safe Place
(St Martins $26.99)
MONDAY JULY 20 6:00 PM Virtual Book Launch
Brad Thor discusses Near Dark (Atria $28.99)
Books signed by Brad for us available but order soon before we sell out. Our copies also come with a special Postcard
Jim Butcher discusses Peace Talks (Ace $29)
Harry Dresden
Signed books available

Joe R. Lansdale discusses  More Better Deals (Mulholland $27)
with Patrick
Signed books available
Patrick hosts Gary Phillips in a discussion of Gary's new book Matthew Henson and the Ice Temple of Harlem
(Polis Books $16)
SATURDAY JULY 25 2:00 PM Cozy Fun
Daryl Gerber discusses A Sprinkling of Murder
(Kensington $15.95)
Maria DiRico discusses Here Comes the Body (Kensington $7.99)
James Carlos Blake discusses The Bones of Wolfe (Grove $26)
Neal Griffin discusses The Burden of Truth (Forge $27.99)
Signed books available.
Shawn A. Cosby discusses Blacktop Wasteland (St Martins $26.99) with Patrick
Signed book available
TUESDAY JULY 28 6:00 PM Virtual Book Launch
Brian Freeman discusses Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Evolution (Putnam $28)
Signed books available
UK authors Alice Feeney discusses His & Hers (Flatiron $27.99)
Our July British Crime Club Book of the Month
Samantha Downing discusses He Started It (Berkley $26)
Signed copies available
Adele Parks discusses Lies, Lies, Lies (Mira $17.99)
Stephanie Wrobel discusses The Recovery of Rose Gold 
(Joseph $35) Signed copies. 
This title published in the US as  Darling Rose Gold (Berkley $26) Unsigned

THURSDAY JULY 30 5:00 PM Virtual Book Launch
Karen Dionne discusses  The Wicked Sister (Putnam $28)
Signed books available
Nicholas Griffin in conversation with John Sandford about Griffin's
Our copies come with a postcard of 1980s Miami

We Will Miss...

Rudolfo Anaya, "a writer who helped launch the 1970s Chicano Literature Movement with his novel Bless Me, Ultima," died June 28, the Associated Press reported. He was 82. In 2016, Anaya was awarded the National Humanities Medal by President Barack Obama.

He also tried his hand at a mystery or two with his detective Sonny Baca, and we were lucky to host him more than once at The Pen.

In a statement, New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham described Anaya as one of the state's greatest artists and a seminal figure in literature, adding: "Through his indelible stories, Rudolfo Anaya, perhaps better than any other author, truly captured what it means to be a New Mexican, what it means to be born here, grow up here and live here. His life's work amounts to an incredible contribution to the great culture and fabric of our state--not only through his prodigious literary contributions but through his decades as an educator at the University of New Mexico."
Mystery-of-the-Month Club 

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