July Boxt Updates
Who moved the Sync button?!

Beginning Friday 7/12 the Boxt user interface will change slightly so we wanted to give you a heads up!

The Sync button will move onto the shipment summary view from the bottom menu bar.

We did this because previously the Sync button served two purposes:
  1. Initial sync of all WORKING status shipments and
  2. Syncing the currently selected shipment.

which could lead to lag when syncing a lot of shipment items and also some confusion about whether the selected shipment was finished syncing. With the new sync button you will not be able to work on the shipment until syncing fully completes. The sync button only syncs the shipment contents of the selected shipment.

How do I start working on my shipment(s)?

To begin working on a shipment in Boxt, click the Import button. Recent WORKING status shipments are displayed in the Import dialog. Select one or more shipments and click Import Selected or enter a specific ShipmentID to import.

If items are added or removed from the shipment, re-sync by clicking the sync button on the shipment.

Zebra Support

With this release we are also adding support for Zebra ZPL printers, including the ZP450, GK420, and GX430. If your Zebra supports the ZPL language it should work. Instructions for setting up Zebra direct print may be found HERE

Boxt has always supported Zebra shipping and 2D labels (4"x6"). This support has not changed and will work with any Zebra printer, even the trusty LP2844!

Coming Soon!

We are working hard on the next version of Boxt which will have many updates to help streamline your warehouse flow. Most importantly, it will allow more than one workstation to pack the same shipment simultaneously.

If you have any questions please contact us. support@scanpower.com