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Save The Date For National Breastfeeding Month!

August is National Breastfeeding Month. This year's theme is "Together We Do Great Things!" A celebration of the power and impact of our collective efforts. Thriving families and communities cannot be achieved by any one person, or by just one organization. It happens with daily effort by us all, and by working together to make change.

Shop and Represent The New York Milk Bank

Check out our online shop and support our mission to provide nutrients to babies in need so they can survive and thrive!

Haaka USA Donation

We want to give a huge THANK YOU to Haakaa for donating 200 Generation 1 Haakaa Silicone Pumps and 200 (pair) silicone milk storage bags! This donation makes it possible to reduce the barriers to milk donation. Safely pasteurized donor milk helps protect babies against infections and reduces the risk of allergies, especially for the first six weeks of a baby’s life.

Participate in the Medela's Pump-A-Thon!

Medela USA is assisting nonprofit milk banks with financial support to help address the national formula shortage crisis. This generous financial donation will help provide milk to families in need. Click here to learn more and share with your pumping friends!

Financial Support Saves Lives

Since 2016, we dispensed 1 million ounces of milk to babies in need. This would not be possible without our generous donors and contributors over the years. Help us reach our next million ounces with financial support today! With financial support, we are able to save lives and provide breast milk to babies in need.

Click here to donate today!

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Cheddar News: Milk Banks Step In To Ease

Formula Shortage

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