July news & updates
Returning The Favor
Check out Returning The Favor episode " Bikers Helping Babies," where Mike Rowe and his team surprise Jen Baquial and the Sirens Motorcycle Club with a gift that is well deserved!
In Memory of Kim Wetzel
Kim’s mother Judy Wetzel suggested donations to NYMB and the Sirens Women’s MC of NYC also held a fundraiser in memory of Kim. Kim touched so many lives. Thank you, Judy Wetzel and the Sirens! Even though Kim is not physically present with us, her generosity of spirit continues.
Our new 3 door True freezer arrived! This freezer was made possible by the generous donations given in memory of Kim Wetzel, one of our beloved Milk Riders.
NYMB New Bottle and Label
NYMB has new 120 mL plastic bottles and a new label! We are now using a QR code.
The nutritional content is right on the bottle. 
Certified Kosher Donor Milk
Kosher Certified Milk
Rabbi Shmuel A. Heinemann, Kashrus Administrator from  Star-K Kosher Certification  and Chaya Millet from  Bikur Cholim of Lakewood came to NYMB to certify our milk Kosher!
If you know a mother following a Kosher diet, send her our way. She will need to be screened by Chaya to make sure her milk is Kosher and then given special labels for her bags of milk. 
Featured Donor
Brittany F
"I gave birth mid March during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic to a healthy son. This was a very stressful time and I was lucky my husband was able to be with me during delivery and my recovery. However, I know lots of moms who weren’t so lucky. Some made the last minute choice for a home birth in fear of the hospital. Some went into labor early due to their stress levels. This left families with premature babies. I felt that in this time where the world was hurting, I had an opportunity to do something good for these babies and their moms. As moms we blame ourselves and constantly have that 'mom guilt'. I decided that my good deed through this trying time would be to donate my milk and take some stress off mothers and give what I was creating an abundance of. I hope this donation helps as
many families as possible."