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Hello CVOA,

Message from the President . . . . .


Some may think that our organization only functions in the winter. I can tell you that, setting aside mud season, CVOA is active the whole year ‘round. The Range is open and has a full calendar of events with 5-stand and Trap shoots almost every weekend through November. In addition, there are unique outdoor events scheduled for every month. In June, Nancy Makin organized a fun golf outing at Diadema Golf Club, one of Maine’s hidden 9-hole gems in North Anson. At the Board and Member meeting, a strong gathering of CVOA’ers enjoyed a beautiful day at the Belgrade Lakes before we got down to business. In July there will be two CVOA events, one biking and the other paddling. Details are in the "future events" section of this Newsletter.

I’ll take back the opening comment about winter, because skiing interest continues to keep our members engaged even in the summer.  Plans for  three western ski trips drew a great response. Those who sent in applications should hear from trip leaders in the next week or two.

The Association’s business meeting June 26th included a full agenda.The highlights of our meeting were establishing three committees – Nomination, Finance and Trip Leaders, discussion of future projects at our Neal Trask Range, approval of the budget and ideas for more outdoor activities.  A heartfelt “thank-you” to our hosts, Sam and Val Hudspath for their hospitality.

Enjoy the next three months – there is nothing better than a New England summer.


Calendar of Events

July 2022

July 2 - Range 5 Stand Shoot 9am-noon

July 3 - Range Trap Shoot 9am-noon

July 9 - Range 5-Stand Shoot 9am-noon

July 10 - Range Trap Shoot 9am-noon

July 13 - Show 'N' Go Bike Augusta to Hallowell 10:00a.m.

        Val Hudspath Leader  

July 16 - Range 5 Stand Shoot 9am-noon

July 17 - Range Trap Shoot 9am-noon

July 23 - Range 5 Stand Shoot 9am-noon

July 24 - Range Trap Shoot 9am-noon

July 24 - Paddle and Potluck 10:00 AM Pemaquid River Watershed

        Mary Berger Leader

Future Events

Show 'N' Go Bike Augusta to Hallowell

🚵‍♀️ July 13th at 10:30 a.m. 🚵‍♀️

Join Val Hudspath and bike to explore the Rail Trail from Gardiner to Hallowell or Augusta (group decision). Meet at the far north Hannaford Parking lot in Gardiner. The out and back of 8-12 miles (depends on the turnaround) trail is mostly flat with few rolling hills. Gardiner has several restaurants or pack a lunch. We can eat down by the river. Let me know which you prefer at pvsam1@twc.com

There is no rain date.This event will be cancelled if weather is bad.

🚣‍♀️ CVOA Paddle & Pot Luck Picnic 🚣‍♀️

the Pemaquid River Watershed

Sunday July 24th

Enjoy the morning in Mid-Coast Maine: 

   1.Paddle from Berger’s 1/2 way down the East side of Biscay Pond:

  • 2+ miles down the peaceful Pemaquid River to Bristol Mills OR
  • 10+ miles up stream onto Pemaquid & McCurda Ponds         

   2.Fish, swim, sunbathe and/or visit with CVOA friends at the house.

   3.Tour the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay

   4.Tour the Pemaquid’s Historic Lighthouse, settlement, Fort & Beach

   5.Hike on some of Coastal Rivers Conservation Trust trails. www.coastalrivers.org 

1:00pm Pot Luck Picnic begins….BRING:Desserts or side dishes to share and your beverage of choice

After lunch, Alexa will play music for your dancing pleasure ….

Please RSVP to Berger@tidewater.net


Call/text: 781-248-0152

Home Phone: 207-529-2093

Mary Berger


Click this link for directions


Ski Trips 2023

Sun Valley ski trip has space still available. 36 of 42 slots are filled. If you are interested please contact Mike Parker golfski33@gmail.com

Trip details are available by clicking on the brochure. 

Sun Valley Idaho
January 28-February 4

The Telluride Ski Trip has two openings, and there is the possibility more space could be added. If interested contact Bonnie Farrar.

email bfarrar7@aol.com, phone207.735.3984

The Whitefish Ski Trip has been more than filled. Some additional space is being sought to accommodate as many members as possible.

Range News

Hello All,

June has been a beautiful month for being at the range, and we expect July to be just as lovely. We hosted a 5 Stand Clinic run by Keith MacDonald, retired head of the L.L.Bean Shooting Program and the class was full. Everyone enjoyed the day and we were lucky the rain only lasted while we were in the classroom. 

Our new Range Committee met to plan our goals for this year. Members include John and Kathi Bennett, Seth Gilbert, David Hatch, Alex Godin, Tom Poulin, Diane and Ray Stone. We always need more help and if you would like to be part of our committee, or just have ideas that you would like assistance or guidance to implement, please contact me. 

We now have spots available for Range Safety Officer training. Saturday, August 13th at Howell's in Windham. The Club will pay for the course and travel. We have room for 5 interested club members. It is an all day course and you will be an NRA certified RSO. This certification can be used and is valued at any shooting range in the US. 

We have decided on a few structural changes to the Range Operation. Starting August 1st, our Day Use Fee will be increasing from $5 to $10. This will better cover the costs of target replacement and range maintenance. We will also change our policy regarding Public Access, to Saturday and Sunday mornings from 8:30 to noon while an RSO or other range officer is in attendance. Some range officers have also volunteered to open the range for public use by appointment. This change does not restrict guest use. Members and their guests still have range access dawn to dusk and range members are responsible for insuring their shooting guests fill out the Day Use waiver, pay the day use fee, and follow all posted rules and regulations. Remember, an individual membership is still only $40 and includes membership in CVOA!

The Range is adding new metal targets to the Pistol and Rifle Ranges! 

These new targets will add "PING" fun to shooting. We expect to have these installe by August. To insure both the safety and longevity of the targets please note posted rules and ammo restrictions regarding their use. We will also be adding a stand for shotgun patterning on the 50 yard Range. All you will need is a piece of cardboard to shoot. Along those lines, the Range Committee requests only pistols be used on the Pistol Range and any shotgun sighting be done only on the 50 Yard Rifle Range. 

Finally, we are asking anyone with some carpentry skills for volunteer help improving our handicap access. The Pistol and Rifle Ranges would benefit from some dedicated shooting positions that could accommodate a wheelchair as well as some handholds to improve mobility access to the platforms. 

Thank you all for your continued support of the CVOA Neal Trask Range. 

Please contact me with any questions or offer of support.

Diane Stone

Range Secretary 


Past Events

🏌️‍♀️🏌️‍♂️DIADEMA GOLF OUTING UPDATE 🏌️‍♀️🏌️‍♂️ 

Eighteen CVOA members and friends joined in the FUN at the beautiful Diadema Golf Course on Wednesday, June 15th. 

The weather was perfect and a fantastic time was had by all who played in the friendly golf match.

Prizes were awarded to:

Doris Tutlis - Longest Drive Ladies

Gail Gibson - Closest to the Pin Ladies

Jay Philoon - Longest Drive and Closest to the Pin for the Men.

🎈🎈Congratulations to all!! 🎈🎈

After playing 9 holes we sat outside, chatted about our matches and enjoyed a great lunch on the patio.

I would like to give a ‘Big Shout Out’ to Bonnie Mattingly and the staff at Diadema for helping to put this event together and to Doris Tutlis and Sharon Cullenberg for helping with the set up. 

Everyone had a glorious day, so I say “let’s do this again at some point this Summer!!” Thanks to all who attended.

🏌️‍♀️ Nancy Makin 🏌️‍♀️

Board and Member Meeting

June 26th

They say the third time is a charm. Val and Sam Hudspath again graciously hosted the June CVOA Board and Member meeting. A BIG THANK YOU to Val and Sam!!

Instead of dealing with 25-30mph gusts of wind or thunderstorms, the day was hot, sunny with a mild breeze. Tracy Goller and Mike Beland took full advantage and headed out to explore Great Pond on their kayaks. Norma and new Board member Jim Parkinson said “Hello” to the Mama duck with her baby chicks who swam along the shore. They are one of Norma’s favorites. Mary Berger and Val Hudspath felt the call of the lake and went for a kayak paddle. When they got back the gathering was in full swing.  

Those attending were the usual suspects Bonnie and Bob Farrar, Jeanette and Mike Parker, Nancy Makin, Thom and Patty Johnston, Elaine and Steve Smith, Peter Weston, Diane Stone, Bev and Lonnie Allen, our New VP Craig Lehigh and new Board member Mike Martin. Lunch included pulled pork, yummy salads and, of course, desserts. No group does desserts like CVOA. 

After lunch we got into the “nitty gritty” of the business meeting. Highlights included establishing Nomination and Finance Committees. There were reports from the Range secretary, Treasurer, ski trip leaders, membership and communications. Future events were discussed. Mike Martin had some great ideas for new events...Canoe Poling anyone?  The meeting ended with the sun still shining and diamonds dancing on the lake and Tracy and Mike going for a swim. 

Val Hudspath 

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