Tips for Traveling

Earlier this week we asked people on social media, to share their tips for traveling with CVS.
1.) Hydrate: Keeping up fluid intake can be imperative to good health, not just when traveling.

2.) Get Some Rest: Adhering to your sleep schedule when traveling is difficult. Rest when you need to, its okay.

3.) Consider packing food: Sometimes food can be a trigger for CVS patients, having a back up plan when traveling can be beneficial.

4.) Migraine Triggers?: Try items to mitigate headaches like blue light blockers, peppermint, and ear plugs.

5.) Get Comfortable: Traveling is stressful. Take steps to make sure you are as comfortable as possible.

6.) Regulate temperatures: Cooling towels and heating packs can go along way in regulating temperature.
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Medical Outreach
From August 5th-7th, CVSA will be exhibiting at the American Neurogastro­nterology and Motility Society (ANMS) conference. American Neurogastro­nterology and Motility Society, or ANMS, is dedicated to the study of neurogastroenterology and gastrointestinal motility and functional GI disorders.

Exhibiting at ANMS will enable CVSA to interact medical professionals with a wide scope of professionals with backgrounds relevant to treating CVS. Aspects of the CVSA mission addressed in this outreach include medical advocacy, providing education, supplying information, and spreading awareness of CVS to medical professionals.
Share your experience?
1.) What temperature negatively effects your CVS the most?
I haven't noticed
It does not impact me
2.) From what kind of doctor did you receive your CVS diagnosis?
Gastroenterologist (GI)
Primary Care Provider
Emergency Room Physician
I have not received a diagnosis.
Pediatric Guidelines is Getting an Update!

The project to update the pediatric guidelines is underway and is expected to be completed later this year!

If you are interested in more information about it, see the following link:
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