July 2021
What does Qualifying registration mean?
CRPO has received questions and concerns over the meaning of the RP (Qualifying) category. All CRPO registrants (with the exception of grandparented, labour mobility, and temporary registrants) start in the Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) category. RP (Qualifying) registrants are permitted to practise psychotherapy, including performing the controlled act of psychotherapy, within their area of competence. RP (Qualifying) registrants have a term, condition, and limitation on their certificate of registration to practise with clinical supervision.

If registrants are experiencing issues, they can refer individuals to the CRPO website, in particular this letter regarding the Qualifying category.
Does CRPO Approve Clinical Supervisors or Supervision Training?
No, CRPO does not currently approve clinical supervisors or grant the designation of “supervisor” or “clinical supervisor”. RPs should not use titles such as “CRPO-approved supervisor”, “CRPO clinical supervisor”, or “RP-S”.
If you want to become a supervisor, you can begin providing clinical supervision once you meet the requirements. You do not need to contact CRPO for approval to provide clinical supervision.

CRPO does not currently approve or accredit supervision training. Supervision training programs should not say they are CRPO-approved. If you are selecting training in providing supervision, please see the guidance here and here.

CRPO is currently reviewing supervision-related policies and will update registrants in the coming months.
Follow-up Survey on Health Information Custodian Successor
For the first time during registration renewal (February-March 2021), CRPO began collecting information on health information custodian successors. These are individuals who would take custody of a registrant’s client records if the registrant becomes unable to maintain the records themselves. We are conducting a brief follow-up survey to see whether collecting this information has impacted RPs’ practices. Please take a couple of minutes to provide us with this valuable information: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/CNY95YY].
HPRO Equity and Anti-Racism Survey 
CRPO invites stakeholders to complete this brief survey commissioned by Health Profession Regulators of Ontario to explore issues related to equity and anti-racism in the health professions regulatory sector in Ontario. 
Have a Great Summer
While CRPO’s virtual office remains open, the Communiqué is going on vacation in August. So, from all of us at CRPO, we wish you a wonderful summer season. See you in September!
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