July Developments
Yachad's Work Continues
In light of the challenges we are facing in our greater community, hope and resilience are more important than ever. But if we have learned anything at all during this time of health and political challenges, it is that hope and resilience alone will not create change. Yachad's mission to build bridges by building community has never been needed more in its 30-year history. Yachad creates safe and healthy homes that every family deserves and needs to thrive.

Please join us. Your help is needed.
Welcome to Catalogue for Philanthropy
The Catalogue for Philanthropy is Yachad's newest partner. We are thrilled to be a part of the 2020-21 Catalogue of featured nonprofits. We welcome the generous participation of new donors to our work. Private philanthropy has never been more important to support efforts to create safe and healthy housing in communities of color throughout the District and surrounding communities.
Thank you to Compass
Compass logo
We thank Compass and its volunteers for its recent work with us. This spring Yachad partnered with Compass to assess and advise our staff on the use of our technology and information management systems. State of the art technology and software is key to Yachad doing its work efficiently and effectively.

We are grateful for the assistance of Ann Epstein, Nancy Nguyen, Niels Nielsen, Derya Tavozar, Michael Zanko, and Sara Zellner, who generously gave their time and advice.
More Partner News
Healthy Housing Remediation Impacts DC and
Prince George's County Households

Yachad working in partnership with the District of Columbia's Department of Energy & Environment provided energy and weatherization improvements to seventeen single-family homes and fifty-one renter households in two apartment buildings in the first quarter of 2020. Thanks to our subcontractors who continue to work through the Covid crisis to complete work in time for the hot summer months. New windows, A/C, insulation and other energy efficiency work will make cooling families' homes so much easier and less costly. More families will receive assistance later this month.
Yachad, BreatheEasy and Children's National continue to conduct Virtual Home Visits to families in DC and Prince George's County. Virtual visits are followed up with "contactless" deliveries of mattress and pillow covers, HEPA vacuums, and air filters to reduce asthma triggers for these families receiving treatment at Children’s National. Slowly repair work is beginning on roofs, gutters, emergency plumbing problems. This program is generously supported by a Fannie Mae Innovation grant.
New Resources Available
Yachad is proud to be a lead partner of the DC Healthy Housing Collaborative , a multi-sector coalition comprised of healthcare and housing service organizations, public health professionals, health insurance providers and government agencies.

In response to "stay at home" orders, the Collaborative created harm reduction resources to help families experiencing unhealthy housing problems. Families can find inexpensive and easy-to-do home repairs to help manage asthma triggers caused by mold and mildew and how to keep a home free of pests and rodents, plus links to city services supporting healthy housing.

Yachad continues to develop new home maintenance resources for our clients, volunteers and partners in the DC Healthy Housing Collaborative. You'll find advice from using dehumidifiers to what to do when you have a wet basement on our What's New web page.

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