Fuel Conservation TIPS

Just as COVID-19 restrictions lifted, fuel prices jumped and dashed any hope of speeding away from it all. Here are some tips from the U.S. Department of Energy to help tame your gas usage while still fueling your road warrior spirit.

Fuel Conservation Article

According to national industry safety data, the most common restaurant workers’ compensation claims result from cuts and wounds, slips and falls, burns and overexertion injuries. Some of these are minor, but major injuries can cause partial or full disability for which your company will be liable. It’s incumbent upon restaurant owners and managers to implement solid safety protocols to protect both the business and its workers. This article can help get you started or serve as a springboard for a review of your current injury-prevention practices.Read more below.

Minimize Work Comp Claims

From beach vacations to backyard ballgames, summertime is filled with memories in the making. Ensure positive experiences by following these summertime safety tips.

Keeping Kids Safe
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Three Ways to Start a Conversation About Life Insurance with Your Family

“Whether you need to have a life

insurance discussion with a spouse,

parent or other important loved one,

starting the conversation can be the

hardest part.”

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