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July 2012
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2011 Hispanic Leadership Discovery 

2012 Calendar of Events


November 1

Puget Sound Graduation Celebration


November 8

Portland Graduation Celebration



Leadership & Community Events 



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2012 Puget Sound Discovery

EDI Graduation Ceremonies

Save-the-dates: November 1st & November 8th


In November 2012, EDI will host its 19th graduation galas to acknowledge the achievements of the participants of the 2012 Leadership Navigation Program and our four Leadership Discovery Programs.  Save the evening of November 1st for the Greater Puget Sound celebration and the date of November 8th for Greater Portland. 

Instructions for registration will be forthcoming by
e-invite.   Watch your email!



Michel Chen, who resides in Connecticut and most recently the President of NBC News' Strategic Initiatives Group & Education Nation (SIG) has agreed to be the keynote speaker for the Greater Puget Sound ceremony on Novembers 1st.  
Read Micheal Chen's Bio


Stay tuned for highlights of our Greater Portland keynote speaker. 


Now Accepting Applications for the 2013 Programs

"I am thankful for EDI, not just for the education and knowledge but also for the empowerment and friendships. Because of EDI, I am more confident in myself, my culture and am grateful for the success EDI has helped me attain." 
-Roy Slack, Vice President, Banner Bank.

Like Roy and the other 600 EDI Alumni jump start your career and get the edge now!   Applications for all EDI programs are due November 30, 2012.  There is limited space per programs.  To Apply

Leadership Reflections:  Developing Global Leaders


EDI provides the leadership tools and networking opportunities for multicultural leaders to leverage leadership opportunities and global competitive advantages.

Research shows that diverse teams produce better results. In fact research reveals that a more diverse workforce, on average are linked with better financial performance. In a recent study by Pankaju Ghemawat, McKinsey author, he finds "as firms reach across borders, global-leadership capacity is surfacing more and more often as a binding constraint.

According to one survey of senior executives, 76 percent believe their organizations need to develop global-leadership capabilities, but only 7 percent think they are currently doing so very effectively. And some 30 percent of US companies admit that they have failed to exploit fully their international business opportunities because of insufficient internationally competent personnel.

While global leadership is still a nascent field, common conceptions of it already incorporate myths or half-truths that rest on misconceptions about globalization. Correcting these myths should help the efforts of companies to increase their global-leadership capacity." Read Myths

Perspectives on Pew Research Center Study on Hispanics

Mid- June Pew Research Center published a new study on Asian Americans. This month they have done the same for the Hispanic American community which is the nation's largest minority group representing 16.4% of the U.S. population. 

The Hispanic American community is relatively young.  For instance, Hispanics 
of Mexican origin which is two-thirds of the 50.7 million U.S. Hispanics have a medium age of 25 years. 


All Hispanic origin groups have made gains in terms of educational attainment in that college degrees increased from 10% in 2000 to 13% in 2010 in the decade, and that statistic is on a dramatic rise.   


Through EDI's culturally tailored Hispanic Leadership Discovery program, EDI is helping these emerging leaders gain confidence and effectiveness as the next generation of leaders. Read the PEW Study

Walter shares why he joined the EDI's Board of Directors

In June, EDI Directors and staff welcomed Walter Benadof, Director Global Services, Weyerhaeuser Solutions, Inc. to EDI's Board to support EDI in its community outreach. 

Walter says his reason for joining the EDI Board of Directors is,

"I was attracted to EDI from what I had heard of the culturally tailored leadership programs. When I became more familiar with the program I realized it was a program that could benefit any manager aspiring to grow within an organization and manage a multicultural workforce. This is all about leadership and working in a global environment."

Read Walter's Bio