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July 2014

Due to the popularity of last month's newsletter, we decided to have another guest columnist write a feature for this month's newsletter. Unlike our previous guest columnist, this writer is the parent of one of my patients, whom I have been seeing for nearly two years.


While I feel that it is very helpful for those struggling with eating disorders (EDs) to share their own stories with others, I think it can be just as helpful to hear a parent's perspective when it comes to their child's ED. It is because of this fact that I am so thankful that KC (not to be confused with last month's writer, whose initials coincidentally also happened to be KC) has written her very personal and eye-opening account of her daughter's ED and recovery process.


EDs are a family issue, not just an individual one. While the patient is the primary sufferer, an ED has an enormous impact on the patient's family, and recovery is dependent on family involvement. Also, the warning signs for EDs can be very hard to catch, as evidenced by KC's experience. In most cases, parents do not want to believe that there is something wrong with their child, and so they might not take action right away. But, as KC writes, eventually the warning bells are too loud to ignore.


I hope that KC's story can help other parents out there recognize problematic eating and exercise habits in their own kids and perhaps take action before things get out of hand. The sooner one seeks help for an ED, the more likely he or she will recover. And the more one's family is involved, the better the chances of recovery, too. KC's story is one of hope and love, and I know that it will resonate with many of you. Please share KC's piece with family, friends, or anyone else who you think would benefit from reading it.



Joanne Soolman, Registered Dietitian / Co-Owner

Warning Bells


Written by KC, the mother of one of our patients 


I heard the faint warning bell early but didn't really want to believe it. When she got in the car after a trip visiting a friend and asked if I noticed that she had lost weight, when she started to eat "healthy," when she became "lactose intolerant" . . . Read More  

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