Dear CVS Friends,

All I can say right now is Wow! Who thought we would still be talking about this pandemic more than 4 months after the first shut downs happened? Unfortunately, COVID-19 is very much still part of our lives and has changed how our society will operate going forward.

Normally, this time of year we would be including tips for CVSers to return to school; but many of us are being faced with unprecedented choices. Will I send my kids back to school full time? Will I send my kids back to school part time? Or will I keep them home for virtual learning? And some of us are not being given a choice as districts in areas with spiking cases are making the decision for us.

Making tough choices is not unique to schools; even some employers are keeping people home longer and out of the office. People are being forced to choose between risk of exposure or going back to work. Do we take that vacation or cancel it? Do we go out to eat or stay home?
Every day we are being forced to make decisions about many daily activities that 6 months ago we didn't think twice about.

Unfortunately, I don't have the answers to many of these important questions, but I can tell you CVSA has been working hard to find new ways to support our patients, families, and physicians. In June, we held our first ever virtual presentation and have plans to hold one monthly going forward. There are also some other virtual opportunities in the early planning phases that we can't wait to share with you. We are learning new ways to interact and engage health professionals as well. Please be assured, we are still here to support you in these uncertain times in our world. Feel free to contact me in the office even just to say hi!

Best wishes for a safe and healthy August!

Debbie Conklyn
CVSA Program Director
Thank you to everyone who participated in CVSA's July Virtual Expert Presentation!
Our presenter was Dr. B U.K. Li and he revisited the basics of CVS from diagnosis to treatment and management to different subtypes. I have heard Dr. Li speak multiple times; every time I learn something new!

You can watch the presentation in its entirety on CVSA's new YouTube channel .
The presentation was recorded again so that the slides could be shown with the correct animation.
We hope to provide opportunities like these once a month. In August, we will hear from Dr. Karen Cassiday, who is a a lively, sought-after speaker and commentator on national media such as Nightline, The Today Show, Animal Planet, The Joy Behar Show, Huffington Post, public radio and many more. She served as the President of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America and is the founder of the Anxiety Treatment Center of Greater Chicago, the longest-running clinic to first use modern exposure-based treatment for anxiety disorders in the Chicago region. Dr. Cassiday also raised 2 children with CVS.

Watch for tickets to become available soon. Tickets will be made available to CVSA members first! Not a member? Join here .

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