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July 26th, 2020
This month's EUG Planning Newsletter provides updates on Meet the Triplexes, the last chance to take the Urban Reserves Options Survey, the Broadway Streatery, Middle Housing Project, Clear & Objective Code Standards project, Digital Sign Code Amendments, and transportation projects in the River Road-Santa Clara neighborhoods. We hope you'll find this information useful and reach out if you have questions. As always, you can find more information on all of our work by visiting our website. We wish you and your families good health and hope to see you, soon.
Meet the Housing Types
In the wake of House Bill 2001 and our upcoming Middle Housing project , we are conducting a series on each housing type we'll be discussing in that project, the third of which is Triplexes. Stay tuned for introductions to and photos of more housing types.
A triplex is a middle housing structure type that contains three distinct dwellings on a single lot. The name triplex comes from Latin meaning ‘threefold.’ Commonly, a triplex has three separate entrances, and the living spaces are connected by shared walls. They may also have one entrance that leads into a hallway with two units on the bottom floor and one larger unit on the top floor. Alternately, a triplex may have one unit per floor.

House Bill 2001 states that, no later than June 30, 2022 , Eugene must amend the City’s land use regulations to allow triplexes on lots in residential areas: that are located within city limits, that are zoned for residential use; and on which the City’s land use regulations allows the construction of a detached single-family dwelling.

Currently , triplexes can be built in Eugene on some lots zoned for R-1 Low-Density Residential and are subject to special development standards on lots zoned for R-2 Medium-Density Residential, R-3 Limited High-Density, and R-4 High-Density Residential. New triplexes cannot be constructed in the city recognized boundaries of Amazon Neighbors, Fairmount Neighbors, and South University Neighborhood Association.

Next time you’re on a stroll in your neighborhood, look to see if you can spot a house with three entrances or three-house numbers. That’s probably a triplex!  Use our Housing Scavenger Hunt to spot different types of housing around you. For more information, check out our Missing Middle Handbook .

Last Chance! Urban Reserves Options Survey
Today is the last day to take the Urban Reserves Options Survey !
Take the survey to share your input on where Eugene could grow in the future.

With the help of many stakeholders, we have completed the project’s technical and suitability analysis and have developed a range of Urban Reserve Options for review. We will take these options—with the input we receive—to City and County decision-makers later this summer and fall for their direction, with a goal of adoption by next spring.

The state gives communities flexibility when selecting the size of an Urban Reserve – we can designate enough land to meet the needs of between 10 and 30-years of population growth (from 2032 up to 2062). We have developed a range of options and we want to hear from you! To review our four Urban Reserves Options, read through our Online Options Story Map. It gives project background, explains the high level pros and cons of each option, and is interactive. After you visit the Options Story Map, check out our Engage Eugene page; it includes our online survey and project materials.

Staff will share the results of the survey with the Eugene Planning Commission on August 3rd and the Lane County Planning Commission on August 4th.
Take the survey by TODAY, July 26 th to share your thoughts and be entered into a drawing for a $100 grocery gift card.

if you have any questions about the Urban Reserves project, visit the Urban Reserves webpage or contact project manager Rebecca Gershow at 541-682-8816.
Introducing the Broadway Streatery
Starting of July 16, the section of Broadway between Willamette and Olive is closed to motor vehicle traffic to enable expanded café seating for area bars and restaurants. People walking and people using non-motorized vehicles like bicycles, skateboards or roller skates should use the street lanes for through travel and business access.

The Broadway Streatery is a temporary measure to support business activity, safe social gathering and community recovery in response to COVID-19. The initiative will be evaluated on an ongoing basis to determine whether it is having a positive impact for downtown Eugene and our community as whole. If it is successful, the Broadway Streatery will remain open until at least October 31, 2020.

The City of Eugene is working directly with the business owners on this section of Broadway, who are all supportive of this arrangement. Closing the street to motor vehicles will allow businesses that serve food and beverage to expand their square footage into the right of way (sidewalks and parking spaces), allowing for safe physical distancing between customers in an outdoor environment. Physical distancing and proper hand hygiene are strongly encouraged and face coverings are required if 6-feet of distance cannot be maintained. Each business on this section of Broadway will receive 480 KN95 masks to hand out to patrons, part of the 26,000 masks the City has received from Business Oregon to support businesses reopening.

To learn more about how the City of Eugene is working with the community to safely reopen and support local economic development and community recovery, please visit: (English) or ( Spanish).

if you have any questions about the Broadway Streatery, contact Downtown Manager Eric Brown at 541-682-5208
Middle Housing/House Bill 2001 Update
On Wednesday July 22nd staff presented the project’s Draft Public Involvement Plan to City Council. This was following the June 22nd Planning Commission work session. Staff provided an overview of the project and discussed how we plan to move forward with public involvement in the midst of COVID-19 and how we plan to center our work around equity, including responding to the Black Lives Matter movement.

The full presentation can be watched online. The next step for the Public Involvement Plan will be taking it back to the Planning Commission on August 11th for final approval. Stay tuned for more project updates and engagement opportunities.

If you have any questions about the Middle Housing Project or the Public Involvement Plan, contact Sophie McGinley at 541-682-5476.
Clear & Objective Code Standards Project Update
In January and February of this year, staff returned to the Planning Commission to revisit a few topic areas that City Council wanted the Commissioners to have more time to discuss – most notably regarding proposed tree preservation and removal standards. Right as that work was completed, the pandemic happened and progress toward formal adoption was temporarily slowed.

These amendments to the land use code are focused on removing barriers to housing projects that require land use applications, improving efficiency in our process and effectiveness of our regulations. Some of the changes will have a positive impact on community recovery and addressing the housing crisis. We will be holding the first public hearing this October before the Planning Commission.

After the public hearing, the Commission will deliberate and make a formal recommendation to City Council. City Council will then hold another public hearing before taking final action. Please check our website for the latest project updates.

If you have any questions about the Clear & Objective Code Updates Project, contact project manager Jenessa Dragovich at 541-682-8385.
Digital Sign Code Amendments
The Eugene Planning Commission will be holding a public hearing on Tuesday, July 28, 2020 on proposed land use code changes related to digital signs. Last September, in response to a request from Councilor Pryor, staff provided a work session to City Council to go over the existing sign code regulations pertaining to digital signs, information about digital signage, common concerns and how other communities regulate digital signage. To allow digital signs (like digital billboards) in Eugene requires an amendment to Eugene’s land use code. At the end of the September work session, Council passed a motion directing staff to initiate code amendments to allow digital billboards and digital readerboards within the city.

For more background on the topic and to access project updates and materials, including the draft changes, please visit the Land Use Code Amendment website. If you have any questions about the Digital Sign Code Amendments, contact Mike McKerrow at 541-682-5288.
Metropolitan Policy Committee Approves Funding for Four Transportation Projects
in the River Road-Santa Clara Area
Earlier this spring, the City of Eugene applied for transportation funds distributed by the Central Lane Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) to fund multiple projects across the city. Four of the projects are located in River Road or Santa Clara and reflect draft goals and actions proposed as part of the River Road-Santa Clara Neighborhood Plan. 

On July 9, the MPO’s Metropolitan Policy Committee approved funding for Federal Fiscal Years 2022-2024, including full funding for the four projects in the River Road-Santa Clara area: 

Division Avenue Roundabouts 
  • To address a history of recent crashes on Division Avenue, this project will use temporary construction materials to build a series of three roundabouts between River Road and Lone Oak Avenue. Other elements of the project include safer pedestrian crossings and separated bike lanes.

Hunsaker Lane Complete Street Improvements: River Road to Taito 
  • Reconstruct Hunsaker as a complete street from River Road to Taito Street. The project will include sidewalks, buffered bike lanes and stormwater facilities.

West Bank Path Extension: Echo to Admiral
  • This project will extend the West Bank Path from Beaver Street north to Admiral Street with sidewalk infill and neighborhood greenway improvements on Admiral north to Wilkes Drive. Before this project is built, Lane County will construct an extension of the West Bank Path along Beaver Street from Division Avenue to Taito Street.

Vision Zero Intersection Study (several intersections in River Road-Santa Clara) 
  • Analysis of high-crash intersections - in-depth examination of existing transportation safety conditions, identify design improvements to alleviate traffic hazards.

Thank you to all the community members who submitted public comment in support of these projects and funding proposals to increase transportation safety for those who live, play, work, and shop in the River Road and Santa Clara neighborhoods.

For questions related to these transportation projects, contact Transportation Planning Manager Rob Inerfeld at 541-682-5343.

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