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From the JVA Office: Are Your Tournament Dollars Supporting the Growth of our Sport?
Club Directors have a vast array of options in volleyball tournaments to provide their teams with a competitive schedule. More clubs are opening facilities, cities are building large multi-sport venues to host events, and corporate event management groups have discovered the growing market of youth sports. Let's look at some of the factors club directors consider when choosing an event.
The JVA is pleased to announce the 2021 JVA Best in Beach that recognizes the nation’s top female JVA beach athletes for outstanding achievement during the competitive beach season.
3 Ways Volleyball Athletes Can Overcome the Social Media Timelines
Social media acceptance has taken over the identity and confidence in teenage girls and boys. KIVA's Courtney Dixon shares 3 ways volleyball athletes can overcome the social media timelines from her new book Living in Real Time.
Post Season Yoga for Volleyball Athletes
There are different types of yoga for the different times in your season. Yoga should be used as a tool to compliment the training season, not undermine it. Now that we know yoga increases your athletic performance, what type of yoga is best for post season? Learn more with this article and 5 minute video from the experts at Yoga Athletex.
4 Pieces of Advice to all High School Volleyball Athletes
The hardest part of your collegiate career occurs in the first 3 months as you transition to college. The reality is that for a student-athlete, the college experience is very different from your high school setting. Here are four tips to help as you strive to become a successful collegiate student-athlete.
The JVA is pleased to announce the 2021 JVA Beach Watch List that recognizes the top female beach athletes from JVA member clubs across the country this season.
6 Tips for Teaching Young Volleyball Players to Throw Correctly
Coaches sometimes error by teaching volleyball skills to young players while not giving sufficient attention to the foundational motor skills. Volleyball is a game of movement. Two of the most important motor skills that impact the development of volleyball techniques are the ability to throw and catch. Jim Stone shares six tips for teaching young athletes to throw correctly.
JVA Holds a Successful Side-Out Foundation Dig Pink Campaign During the 2021 Event Season
The JVA is proud to announce that by leading our own Dig Pink® campaign this spring we raised nearly $3,000 in support of The Side-Out Foundation to help give those living with stage IV breast cancer more time with their families.
In this week's JVA Coach to Coach Video of the Week powered by Netlynx Sports Beach Nation shares a beach attacking drill to work on adjusting the feet to the set and shot selection based on the set.
Helpful Reading and Resources
How to Afford College on a Partial Athletic Scholarship
From Our Partner Honest Game
Today, the price of college is increasing almost eight times faster than wages. Playing sports in college provides is an incredible personal accomplishment and provides a vehicle to pay for college. Unfortunately, most student-athletes are offered “partial” athletic scholarships and are responsible to pay for the majority of their college fees. If this applies to you as a student-athlete, we have provided a list of best practices to help you turn your athletic and academic dreams into reality.
How to Run a Modern Volleyball Tryout
From Our Partner TeamGenius
When Northern Virginia Volleyball Association’s President and CEO Rodrigo Gomes first started with the organization, he was shocked at the inefficiencies around the club’s tryouts process.Gomes knew things needed to change. Read more.
Spend less on volleyball + $100 for you
From Our Partner FlipGive
To help get teams started, FlipGive is offering a $100 sponsorship. Raise $100 when you sign up and they'll match it with $100.
Watch the High School Champions Clinic on demand now!
From Our Partner, Art of Coaching Volleyball
★★★★★ "It was so informative and the coaches were great!" The High School Champions Clinic on July 10 was a big hit, and now it's available to watch ON DEMAND! Get access to the clinic recording now to expand your toolkit of drills, practice ideas and game strategies so you can have your best fall season yet. Get access here.

Kids Guide to the Tokyo Olympics
From Our Partner, SportsEngine
Parents, get your families involved in the Tokyo 2020 action you see on TV! We’ve got everything you need to follow along at home: fun facts, how to play, history of the sport, and more. Learn more about the guide here. Download the Guide here.
The AVCA is Hiring!
From Our Partner AVCA
The American Volleyball Coaches Association is seeking an: Education & Sponsorship Specialist, responsible for coordinating training and education content for members, sponsorship fulfillment, and supporting events for the AVCA and a Communications & E-Commerce Specialist, who will serve as the primary public relations and media contact for AVCA, while generating growth through AVCA’s online e-commerce sites, job board, store, and virtual clinics. Want to join the team and help advance the sport of volleyball? Click here to apply! 
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