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From the J VA Of fice: 4 Tryout Modifications and Considerations for the Upcoming Season
Around the country clubs are either in the midst of club tryouts or looking ahead to high school or club tryouts. Given the current health conditions in our country due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Directors and Coaches will be faced with some considerations to modify the tryout process. Here are 4 key places to begin.
JVA Announces Partnership with USSCI to Protect Volleyball Clubs and Youth Athletes Nationwide

The JVA is pleased to announce a partnership with USSCI to help volleyball athletes that are impacted by the unexpected. Every year thousands of athletes find themselves unable to play the sport they love due to injuries, mental illness, or even unexpected financial hardship. USSCI provides sports fee insurance that insures the financial commitment parents make to have their athlete on a team.
How to Manage Stress and Avoid Athlete Burnout in Times of Uncertainty
In the world of COVID-19, burnout is a true risk, particularly for athletes who are used to performing at high levels with many opportunities for feedback. Here are helpful ways for coaches and athletes to manage stress and avoid athlete burnout in times of uncertainty.
Hosting an Indoor Volleyball Tournament in the COVID-19 era: Protocol Considerations and Recommendations
Club Idaho Volleyball hosted their annual Idaho Classic AAU Super Regional in Boise, Idaho on the last weekend in May and the first weekend in June. They had a lot of work to do preparing for the tournament, but they were dedicated to make it happen. Here are the protocols that were enforced during the tournament.
Recruiting Solutions: Dispelling the Myths of Junior College Volleyball
One thing is for sure, junior college recruiting is a unique animal all in its own. The images that the words “junior college” conjures often makes recruiting potential student athletes and parents more challenging.
New age definitions for 2020-2021 season
The JVA Board of Directors voted to adapt the new Age Definitions announced by USA Volleyball, effective for the 2020-21 season. The date cutoff has been moved from September 1 to July 1.
Recruiting Tools for Volleyball Clubs and Athletes
The JVA website has a fresh look for the education and resources to help Club Recruiting Coordinators, Coaches and Athletes navigate the volleyball recruiting process. Share this page with your teams, coaches and families.
Rolling Thunder VBC  (Long Grove, IL) shares drills to train footwork and eye work for static blocking from the outside, middle and right side positions.
Helpful Reading and Resources
Master the Uniform Ordering Process
From Our Partner 431 Sports
Register for a free webinar illustrating how your volleyball club can reach the next level with 431 Sports. Discover what it means to be a 431 Sports Club Partner. Learn more here.
Say goodbye to slow, choppy video
From Our Partner, Hudl
This club season was anything but normal and there's a lot of uncertainty around the fall. But you don't need to worry about how your team will remotely review film thanks to Hudl's new shared sessions feature. You can now watch smooth, synchronized video with all your players and even control playback so they see what's happening on your computer, on theirs. This feature is available for all club teams with a Hudl account. Read more.
How Club and High School Coaches Can Help Athletes Get Recruited During Coronavirus
From Our Partner NCSA
It’s an uncertain time and your athletes are probably looking for answers that many coaches may not have at this time. Fortunately, all of us here at NCSA Team Edition are here to help in any way we can. Learn more .
The AOC Champions Clinic
From Our Partner, Art of Coaching Volleyball
Learn. Share. Compete. Win. Meet the AOC Champions Clinic, an interactive virtual clinic like you've never experienced. Everything you love about AOC's in-person clinics rolled into six fast-moving hours of coaching fun. On-court training, elite clinicians, Q&As, networking, continuing education hours... PLUS join in to discuss coaching scenarios, share ideas and compete for coaching prizes. You don't want to miss this! Register today, spots are limited. Learn more.
2021 AVCA Men's Volleyball Roster Needs Map
From Our Partner AVCA
Due to the cancellation of much of the 2020 club season, many college men’s volleyball teams are still looking to fill out their 2021 rosters. Attached is a list of over 70 programs and their specific position requests. In order to visualize the location of these programs, the AVCA has prepared a sortable map: View here.
Experts Share Four Ways to Start Mentally Preparing for a Return to Sports
From Our Partner, SportsEngine
Dr. Chapman, who works with Louisville F.C., and Olympians, taps his expertise to help athletes develop strategies and approaches to cope with the loss of sport during COVID-19 — and develop a positive mindset for its eventual return. Read more.
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