Vol. 6 Issue 7 - July 2019
September 20-23, 2020
Toronto, Canada

Program Highlights

The ISDE 2020 program committee prepared a highly engaging program including experts video sessions, mini-debates, pro-con sessions, case presentations and panel discussions, encouraging an active participation from the audience. The program will feature a good number of interesting topics:

Abstract submission will open in October 2019.
Keep an eye out for detailed information coming soon!
Utility of routine oral contrast study for detecting postesophagectomy anastomotic leak – a systematic review and meta-analysis

DOTE Volume 32, Issue 7 | Featured Article
Oral contrast studies are used to detect anastomotic leak (AL) postesophagectomy. However, recent evidence suggests oral contrast studies have low sensitivity in detecting ALs, and their false positive results can lead to unnecessary prolonged hospital stay. The objective of this study was to determine if oral contrast studies should be used routinely post-esophagectomy for cancer. Read more.

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Special Feature
ISDE presidential biography:
first President Komei Nakayama
Professor Komei Nakayama, the founder of the ISDE, was born in 1910 in Tokyo, Japan. When young, he was interested in the surgical treatment of esophageal cancer because the hospital mortality rate was prohibitively high—95.4% at that time.

Read the full biography , including information on the early days of the ISDE and the societies' continuous development until today.
26th Congress of Oesophagogastic Surgery, endorsed by ISDE

The ISDE was pleased to endorse the 26th Congress of Oesophagogastic Surgery held from June 6-7, 2019 in Bilbao, Spain. Magnus Nilsson, President of the European Society for Diseases of the Esophagus (ESDE), attended the meeting and together with Manuel Pera shared information about ESDE and ISDE to the Spanish oesophagogastic surgery community. 
Read the meeting highlights presented by Dr. Ismael Diez del Val, President of the Organizing Committee, here .

Highlights of the International Course on Esophageal Diseases in Natal, Brazil.

From July 4-6, 2019, ISDE Member Fernando Lisboa MD PhD welcomed attendees to Natal, Brazil for the International Course on Esophageal Diseases. GERD was the central theme of the three-day meeting due in part to a growing elderly population in which gastrointestinal disorders are common. The course was endorsed by ISDE and featured a number of presentations from national and international faculty. Read a summary of the course highlights here.

11th West China Forum on Minimally Invasive Thoracic Surgery and ISDE China Highlights 2019

From July 4-6, 2019, nearly 600 delegates came to Chengdu, China and participated in this event, held by West China Hospital and Sichuan International Medical Exchange & Promotion Association (SCIMEA) and exchanged insights about cutting-edge issues as well as hot topics in thoracic surgery, including esophageal diseases. The course was endorsed by ISDE.
Industry Events

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