July 2021
Upcoming events
EuroPris 10th Annual General Meeting
EuroPris will be celebrating its 10th anniversary at this year's Annual General Meeting. It has been decided that the AGM will once again be organized in an online format due to the Covid-19 related restrictions. Members are welcome to submit nominations for Board Member positions by 29 August to Executive Director, Gustav Tallving. At this year's AGM, there will be space for Directors General to discuss content-related issues, the topics will be revealed soon on the website. Participation is available only to EuroPris members. The AGM will take place on 29 September 2021.

CJP Summer Course on Sexual Violence
At the upcoming Criminal Justice Platform Europe summer course, the discussions will be focusing on responses to sexual violence with the focus on ethics in management and treatment of individuals for a sexual offense, a better understanding of sexual abuse to create effective policy and practice, restorative justice response - how to enable safe and sensitive practice. The Summer Course will take place on 19-22 October in Barcelona, Spain. Registration and program are available on the website.

EPTA's 14th Annual Conference
Today, when vaccines are available for everyone, it is time for us to evaluate the past year since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis. At the annual conference, EPTA members are welcome to share their own experiences on how they dealt with the Covid-19 crisis. This year, the EPTA Annual Conference will be organized in a hybrid format. The Academy of Justice in Poland is taking the EPTA presidency of 2021 and thus organizing the annual conference in Warsaw, Poland on 20-22 September 2021.

High-level Conference on Countering
Cross-Border Crime
The Council of Europe is organizing a high-level conference on countering cross-border crime and its human rights implications. The conference is for justice professionals to exchange experiences and best practices on these subjects, with a multi-agency and transnational approach. Next to the plenary, the conference will include workshops on a variety of topics: priorities and challenges during investigation and arrest, judicial cooperation & mutual legal assistance, imprisonment & probation; returnee Foreign Terrorists Fighters (FTFs) and their families; de-radicalization/disengagement programs; supporting victims of terrorism and cybercrime. The conference will be on 20-21 October 2021, location will be announced soon.

Other News
Join UNODC's virtual awareness-raising campaign for Nelson Mandela International Day (18 July, 2021)
To celebrate Nelson Mandela International Day on Sunday 18 July 2021, UNODC has launched a virtual awareness campaign dedicated to the Nelson Mandela Rules #Act4MandelaRules. This campaign revisits the purpose of the Nelson Mandela Rule which promotes humane prison conditions, raises awareness about prisoners being a continuous part of society, and shows to value the work of prison staff as a social service of particular importance. The campaign started on 14 July and continues until 21 July. To take part in the campaign, upload a video of 40 seconds on social media (Twitter/LinkedIn/Facebook) with the hashtags #Act4MandelaRules and #mandeladay2021

Call for experts for reviewing RAN collection practices
As part of the growing RAN Collection, a selection of practices receives a review by different experts from the RAN expert pool each year. This review process allows for a differentiation between inspiring and best practices in the Collection. Practices that receive a positive outcome based on the expert review are labeled ‘best practice’. Experts are invited to submit their applications latest by 03 August 2021.
Highlights from EuroPris Knowledge Management System
EuroPris receives queries from member countries every week, and in this section, we will highlight several KMS reports from the last months. Click on the link to view each KMS report:

Upcoming Events
EPTA Annual Conference
20-22 September - Warsaw and Online (read more)

10th EuroPris Annual General Meeting
29 September - Online (read more)

CJPE Summer Course on Sexual Violence
19-22 October- Barcelona, Spain (read more)

CoE High-level Conference on Countering Cross-Border Crime
20-21 October - tba (read more)
Document Library
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  9. Pre-trial Detention: Challenges from the Perspective of Prison Services in Europe - View report here
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