The excitement of summer can also bring extra stress to new routines. Take time each day to find a quiet place to reflect and find peace. If you're new to meditation, here are some easy tips to start integrating into your schedule.

Meditation is defined as the art of opening to each moment with calm awareness. It is simple and can be done anywhere (although the fewer distractions, the better). You might already find this drinking a cup of coffee on your patio. By simply focusing on your breath you will realize the benefits of meditation.

Utilize technology by trying an ap or finding a guided meditation on youtube. There are some excellant options that can help focus meditation and guide breath work. Filter by length of time you have to meditate, or even a topic you'd like to focus on. (We love the Insight Timer and Mindfulness aps!)

Always keep your mind open. Meditation produces scientifically proven physical and mental benefits. I takes just a few minutes each day to see results.