The logo of the First Presbyterian Church of Glen Cove, which is a hand-sketched outline of the church with some of the trees around it.
A Note from Pastor Lance
Pastor Lance Hurst, a white young adult with a large smile, a brown beard and brown hear, wearing a clergy collar and starting in front of the door of FPC of Glen Cove.
To the members & friends of First Presbyterian Church of Glen Cove:

Can you believe that it's the middle of July already? One of the anticipated events has already begun: our visioning process. We had a great first session. I was able to hear two of the small groups explore what they saw for our future and what they thought we were doing well.

Next Tuesday and Wednesday from 6:30pm to 8:30pm, we'll be on Zoom again to dig deeper into this process. We'll be looking at some of the feedback from the first session and determining some of our priorities as a church.

What do you see for our future? What are your hopes for the community? What is special about our church that you want to keep alive?

It's not too late to join the conversation. For next week's meetings, please let us know if you are coming! You can simply reply to this email and let us know.

Also, join us this Sunday as we explore the question: "What kind of temple are we building?" As we move further and further into the 21st century, we want to be intentional about our spirituality. You can find the bulletin here.

Pastor Lance (they/them/he/him)
Upcoming Events & News
Post-Pandemic Presbyterian Pool Party on Sunday, July 25th at 1 PM!

We're looking forward to having a great time together at the Cheneys' home. Please RSVP to Sue. (And see the awesome graphic below.) So far, the weather looks auspicious - thanks be to God!
On the same day at 4 PM, Communications Manager Emmie Arnold
Is Becoming a REVEREND!

Emmie is going to become the Reverend Emily Ferstandig Arnold on Sunday, July 25th at 4 PM EDT. She would be honored if you tuned into the live stream (details here) or watched it later - she knows the Presbyterian Pool Party is happening on that day!

She is so touched that after more than four years of being in the PC(USA) ordination process, the hospital ministry she has been doing for almost two years will be named what it is: ordained by God. This is a deeply joyful and humbling occasion.

Emmie will be joining the Presbytery of Long Island, where FPC of GC is, so she looks forward to saying hello at meetings! She will be able to come by the church more often, too, since she just moved to Northeast Queens. Cheers to new chapters marked by much brilliance!
Upcoming Meetings to Envision Our Church's Future Together

We finished session 1 of our Vision and Strategic Planning Process with Jill White from the UCC Buildings and Loans Fund. The beginning of imagining the next 3-5 years as a church was a great one, and we hope that even more of you will participate in the upcoming ones.

Note an RSVP is needed for Session 2. Reply to this email to let us know if you can come.

Session 2: Review & Prioritize (4 hours): July 20th & 21st, 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Session 3: Understanding Our Surrounding Community (1-1.5 hours): July 27th, 7 PM

Session 4: Optional Session for those who want to help write Strategic Plan (1-1.5 hours): August 5th, 7 PM
Updated Covid Protocols at the Church

We're excited that our area is doing much better at this time and that we can experience a bit more normalcy. Session voted on coffee hour, masks, and singing - check out the changes!
Adult Education on Sunday Mornings at 9 AM

We've started our new book: Christianity After Religion by Diana Butler Bass. Check out an interview with her here.

For more information, please feel free to email Betty Ann at, and click here for Zoom information.

Church Table Talks:
Next Up, Sunday,
August 8th!

Once a month this summer, we will gather in the Parish Hall for a different kind of worship service where we can sit around tables and have meaningful conversations about a variety of topics. We loved our first three and can't wait to do our last of the summer. We will keep trying new things in worship, even once this series is over!

Do you have ideas about how we can make the area behind the pulpit more warm, inviting, and beautiful?

The session is building a task force of church members who are interested in helping imagine what the wall behind the pulpit can look like. If you are interested, please email Lance Cheney at
On a blue and white background, there is white sans serif font that says "Give" and there are two hands, one of which is passing coins to the other.
Online giving

We are connected to an online giving center for churches called You can give a one-time gift or set up a recurring gift by clicking here.

Please also consider giving memorial flowers so that we can add more beauty to our services. You can sign up by clicking here.

Looking to pledge?

Why does pledging matter? Pledging helps us develop a realistic financial picture and plan our ministries for the year ahead. When you pledge, you're letting us know what you're planning to give for the whole year (not each week or month). Whatever amount you can commit to will help!

Click here to fill out your pledge form.
Looking for info on the Covid-19 vaccine?

Everyone over the age of 16 is now eligible to get the vaccine, and many places have walk-in appointments. If you need help finding a location, please let us know, and if you feel nervous or unsure about getting it, we encourage you to ask friends and family members the reasons why they have taken it.
We are incredibly grateful to all of the frontline workers and researchers who are making vaccination distribution possible. Here's to a new future!