In May, units received resources to help plan their Ideal Year of Scouting that should be full of adventures.  In some cases, those adventures may have a cost associated with them; how will these experiences get paid for?  One word: POPCORN!!!  The 2017 fall sale is sure to bring even better product and prizes to help your unit raise the money to have the best Scouting year yet.  We will have new tools, fun incentives, better web resources and an awesome unit commission.  Come to one of the two meeting options given below and check out the best Popcorn Kick-Off ever!  You will walk away with all the popcorn information needed and a great example of what a unit kick-off should look like, and maybe even a prize!  

We are continuing the Star Wars theme and kickoff participants are encouraged to come as their favorite character - prizes will be awarded to the best Star Wars personalities.