Continuity gives us roots; change gives us branches, letting us stretch and grow and reach new heights.” —Pauline R. Kezer

Dr. Jilan Koch B.Sc., ND 

As we updated last, Dr. Koch will be leaving Pursuit Health to work full time out of her Newmarket office. She will remain at the clinic until the end of August, so you will have ample opportunity to schedule appointments before she leaves and/or make arrangements to have your records released to her clinic. If choose to have your records remain with Pursuit Health we have Dr. Faith Flatt and Dr. Kelly McGuire, both excellent Naturopathic doctors who will be happy to welcome you and to continue to ensure all your health care needs are being met.

We will also continue to stock our dispensary to cover all of your supplement needs. Please know that your health care is a top priority for all of the staff and practitioners at Pursuit Health and we all are working closely with Dr. Jilan to ensure a smooth transition.